Saturday, August 1, 2009

Murphy's Law

Have we ever discussed Murphy's Law together?

If not I'm surprised - especially seeing how as I am the definition.

I won't get into the background but in my world- if it can go wrong it will.

Case in point - this weekend.

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. My friend Jessica who is going into her third year of grad school in Arizona has been planning to visit for the entire summer. I spent the week cleaning and making plans for us for the weekend - I have been so excited to see her because I haven't seen her since June of 2008.

Just before she arrived yesterday I split my big toe nail while vacuuming and that sucked, I cried. Ben had to bandage up my toe just minutes before Jessica breezed through the front door.

The first few hours were great. Jess and I exchanged presents we made plans to go out to dinner and off we were to Red Robin (yummm!).

Dinner was good but Jess who was a little sniffly upon arrival began to get snifflier and snifflier and mentioned that maybe we shouldn't go out that night because she wasn't feeling so hot. I told her that was fine and after finishing with dinner we hopped in my car to zoom home.

Or so I thought.

I started the car, flipped into reverse, reversed and then my steering wheel locked up and I couldn't steer! So I reversed into another parking spot and called Ben. After having me try several more times he told me he would be on his way up. 20 minutes later he showed up, popped my hood and found that one of my belts had snapped. All we could do that night was drive home and he and his dad would come back and repalce the belt today.

I agreed (what else could I do) and Jess and I hopped into Ben's car and headed back for home.

By the time we got back to our house, Jess felt so bad she just wanted to go to bed so she went to bed and I watched an episode of Roseanne then I went to bed too.

This morning Jess and I went to Urgent Care because she could barely swallow only to find out she has strep throat. So we picked up her prescription came back here and started watching The Secret Lives of Bees before Ben called and I had to drive (in Jess' car) up to my car to give him my spare keys (which of course he forgot).

Ben and his dad looked at my car for awhile before determining that in order to fix it they are going to have to take my engine out and they wouldnt have any trouble doing that except that Ben's mom's car is already up on the blocks at their house having her brakes fixed and they don't want to bite off more than they can chew.

So to make an even longer story short I now have to have my car towed and fixed at a shop that won't even open until Monday- who knows when I'll get it back. So Ben's with my car waiting the 2 hours to have it towed, Jessica is in the guest room sleeping, and I'm sitting on the couch typing, finishing the Secret Life of Bees, and throwing myself a pity party.

The only thing that could make this weekend even better is if I manage to contract strep throat too and it lasts through next week when I'm taking a 6 day weekend to do wedding things and celebrate my birthday.


Well, I guess you can say I should just be glad to see my friend...and I am glad to see her but if I had that kind of optomism I just wouldn't be me.

Hope everyone else has a better weekend than I'm having.


Miss Amber Lane

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