Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I can not even begin to tell you all how out of the loop I am feeling these days.

Christmas is 10 days away and I only have two more days off until then- well until December 29th matter-of-fact. I am off this weekend coming up and then not again until after Christmas has passed.

On one hand it was my decision to do so, on the other hand I didn't see any other way to handle the holidays and allow my assistant the time off that she requested: so I took one for the team.

Anyhow I digress. In order to get everything prepared for the holiday I've been spending time wrapping and decorating and getting in quality time with family prior to...that way I don't feel like I'm missing out when we actually get there. Hence my absence from blogger as of late.
I mean nothing out of the ordinary or interesting is really going on in Amber Lane world but just so you don't feel like your missing out on anything with me- my last couple of weeks have been as follows:

1. Decorating maniacly for my work- my boss is obsessed with Christmas decor. It looks like Christmas threw up in here and just when I think enough is enough here she is asking for more...I have to tell ya- I'm about sucked dry of garland, lights, ribbon, and the like. 10 more days Amber Lane, 10 more days.

2. Have had one hell of a time doing our registry at Target its been nothing like our Macys registry which was cake. The first day we went to register at Targer we had been at it for 30 minutes and our scanner died. So we went back and traded it for another- the very next thing we scanned it died again so we went back to the front and were informed they were all out of scanners and we would have to wait or come back later. We opted to come back later. Fast forward to yesterday- we scanned for about another 15 minutes and the scanner- though it didn't die- just wouldn't scan anything so we took it back and the lady played with it and a few more for a couple of minutes but couldn't get any of them to work. So we resolved to complete adding items by internet- which is what I did last night. I sure hope people don't have as much trouble buying us stuff as we had registering for it. Sheesh!

3. Revisited my college Xanga journal and read a ton of my old entries. I quit writing there about a year before I started blogger. I am amazed how much time has passed since I began that journal 8 years ago and how much I have grown and changed. I plan in the future to share some of my most interesting posts from that era of my life. It should be good for a giggle.

4. The dress dilemma is (mostly) solved. Bridesmaid will pay me half of the deposit and I will pay the other half. Unfortunately this maid is out of town and won't be in until Christmas so I'm going to have to go ahead and pay the whole thing to start with just to get the show on the road. I'm ready to wash my hands of the whole stinking thing. But so long as this works everyone should be happy.

5. Our friend Chris came over yesterday with his 4 year-old step son and new baby. They spent an hour or so just visiting with us. Just long enough to make me realize that it won't be too long before Ben and I are ready for our own babies (I mean Ben actually asked to hold the baby this time!) - but its definitely going to have to be long enough that we have time to move into a bigger place. Two small children in our little town house- no freaking way!

6. Taking my residents to the Nutcracker Ballet tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to seeing it- its been many moons since I've been to the ballet and I LOVE to go! If all goes well logistically with the residents- it should be a very enjoyable time!

7. Just realized a few nights ago that Christmas Day will be 6 months exactly until our wedding! And February 14th will be a year since we got engaged! How has so much time passed already?! Honesty time? I'm ready for the wedding - I want it to be one heck of a shin dig and then I'm completely ready to sink into adult, married life with Boo. I am so ready to call him my husband!

8. Any one have any secrets to taking an awesome Christmas card photo? We are having a hell of a time getting a good one and we're getting down to the wire.....

9. Christmas shopping is about 60% complete. Will be finishing this weekend before having a night on the town for Bennyboo's birthday with friends. Its a good thing I wrap as I go because otherwise I would be in big trouble. Thankfully I have all the presents purchased thus far wrapped and ready to go!

10. Not going to beat myself up this year over not having time to bake cookies from scratch, make wreaths, or have a completely domestic home-style Christmas. I'm an engaged, 20 something, urban professional, planning a wedding, working full time + I can't be perfect!

11. Taking 6 days off right after Christmas and that's the only thing getting me through...

I'm way behind on my readings but feel free to drop me a line and tell me what's new with you!

I promise I won't stay away so long this time ... but for now...Ciao!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane