Saturday, October 30, 2010

20 Day Challenge; Day 8

A Place I've Traveled:

So in 2005 I contracted with a privately funded Children's Theater group that was run by a theater prof. at my school. Each contract bound you to the group for 1 full year and countless performances of a cute little show that seemed simple at first glance but was physically, crazy, demanding, and vocally draining. It was an operetta called: The Girl Who Sang Wolf and it was full on opera singing my friends.

The unique thing about joining the group was that the travel was stellar. We toured to Russia by way of Finland and Taiwan. Not to mention a three week mid-west tour.

Our group was unique because it was 6 chicks, all theater majors and basically all the same graduating class. Meaning: we already knew each other before joining the group and for the most part had A BLAST!

From top left: Natalie, Emily, Kat, Ashley, Jessica, and moi...yep we were roller skating!

All except Jess- headed to an Indians game on Mid West Tour..look at my hair back when I was a broke college student and did it myself...yikes!
On to the trips!


Was beautiful. So mysterious and different. Loved visiting the Hermitage and The Church on Spilled Blood, and St Isaacs Cathedral.

Only problem was it was so darn cold you could hardly stand it: This was back before I had a digital camera so my shots are limited:

Me twirling in palace square- the winter palace is to my left

Natalie and I in front of the large doors at St. Isaacs Cathedral 

Crazy Taxi Rides!


Balmy, beautiful tropical weather in December....this one was niiiice!

The types of things you see just walking down the street...that and 7-11s!

Jess and I with our host family

These trips are what cemented our friendship

The girls in Taiwan 
Since those trips my adventures have been much smaller: Florida, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, NC, Baton Rouge, New Orleans....can't wait for a big trip again someday!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane 

Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

My Favorite Movies in Screen Shots: If you haven't already peeked at my favorite movies from Day 1 - guess along!

Also for your enjoyment I've captioned with some of my favorite lines from the movies!

"YOU got into Harvard?!?!"
"What, like its hard?"

"And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed."

"OK so by now your probably going; is this like some kind of Noxema commercial or waht?! But actually, I seriously have a way normal life for a teenage girl. I mean I get up, brush my teeth, and pick out my school clothes"

"I simply say, babay, oh babay, my sweet babay- you're the one"

"I only eat the brown m&ms because I figure chocolates already brown, has less artificial colors"
"How very scientific of you Dr. Steve"
"I'll toast when I see fit"

"Face it girls I'm older and have better insurance"

"Tell him its carol singers"
"You saucy minx"
"I feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes"
"I hate boats"
"Certainly not ALL boats"
"Yes, ALL boats"

"Hey man gotta joint?"
"Hmph It'd be a lot cooler if you did"

"That's the thing about high school girls, I keep getting older- they stay the same age" 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day Challenge; Day 6

A Photo of Something That Makes Me Happy:

This is a two part photo series.

Part 1: The Sentimental:

Taken the day after we got married on my camera phone after being saudered and re-sized. It wasn't meant to be an earth-shattering picture but I love it- and what it symbolizes.

That I married a man who on a regular basis can make me laugh like this:

Part 2: The Vain/ Proud

This past year I had two of my best friends get married 1 year to the weekend apart from one another. 

Megan and Kenny tied the knot on October 17, 2009

Rachel & Brett got married on October 16, 2010

Of course I got married smack dab in the middle of em (yup gratuitous wedding photo here:)

The point I am getting to however is that I was a proud bridesmaid in both weddings - but in one I was just MORE of a proud bridesmaid:

Meg's 2009 Wedding:

Can't even believe I'm showing you this next one...


Rachel's 2010 Wedding:

Proud as a peacock! 

So yes, these pictures taken 1 year from the date of each other and the difference in my body between the two of them- makes me VERY HAPPY! 

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 5: My Siblings

I am the youngest of three girls. And by youngest... I mean - YOUNGEST.

My sister Denise was born in December of 1965. 

My sister Diana was born in July 1966

Miss Amber Lane was born in August 1984

That my friends is a 17 year difference between me and my sibling closest in age. Can you say- SURPRISE! My mom was 7 months pregnant with me at my sister's high school graduation. I LOL at the thought!

Growing up it was kind of like having three mothers. Diana got married when I was 3 and Denise when I was 6 so they didn't really live with mom and I together ever with the exception of a year or so.


 Diana always lived near by so she was the sister who picked me up to go shopping or have lunch. Who never missed a play or awards ceremony. For many, many years I didn't quite understand Diana. Her husband ; though he treats her well has never been too friendly with me so that prevented us from being closer in my younger days and I kind of resented her for that for a long time. Then one day she showed me one of her favorite pictures of us together- a picture I had never even seen:

This picture was taken at our grandparents house and Diana said she had just gotten up and ready for the day and was getting ready to make me my favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs. I instantly fell in love and some of my "childhood resentment" melted away. 

Personality wise I see now that a lot of my personality traits are very similar to hers. When it comes to style, and grooming, and organization,  

Diana's birthday- we were being hat ladies
and approach to projects.....

She was the cornerstone of all my Wedding DIYs. She let me use her basement as my workshop and it remained in turmoil for MONTHS! 

The result of weeks of work on centerpieces!

Diana has one son named Calvin: He's 13 plays the sax and guitar, loves old school comedy like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, etc. 

Calvin in 2001:

Diana's Family Mother's Day 2010:

Our wedding day portrait


Denise and I were always close even though she lived away for the better part of the first 19 years of my life. First Tennessee, then Virginia, Indianapolis, Tennessee again, Florida and now finally back home in Ohio. Because of her distance away when I would visit her, they would be extended visits. Whole summers, spring breaks etc. This helped reinforce our closeness. Her husband David is also one of those awesome father figures I mentioned in yesterday's post. Denise is the wife a music minister in the church of God and the two of them have been my "spiritual guides". Our relationship has always been more mother/daughter than that of sisters (at least until recently) and I've appreciated that.

Denise and I Christmas 1987

Thats what sisters are for...1 to hold the dress and 1 to hold the camera lol

Our Wedding Day Portrait

Denise also has 1 son named Devin: He's 15 and an awesome musician; singing,guitar, mandolin, saxaphone, piano - the kid is gifted. He's also an avid skateboarder.

Devin and his Aunt Amber in 1995 x 2

(In case you ever wondered about the Cuban heritage of mine that I talk about- this pics from my younger days prove it lol)

Denise's family (2006 maybe)

Both Nephews in June 2010 - They've grown up so fast! ) ; Sniff

So, well its not "traditional" to have sisters so much older than you with no one else in between- its worked out pretty well for me! 

Awesomely enough  my wedding actually helped bring us closer by getting us together for project nights, showers, and pre-wedding slumber party with just the three of us: 
One of my fave moments before the wedding was when they handed me a gift bag with a picture frame that read:

Together Through it All....

Which evoked this reaction from me.....

I didn't actually cry...yet. No the only thing that actually made me cry was when my 15 year old nephew got up to do his reading and balled through the whole thing. THAT was a heart melter.

Anyhow I could go on and on about my awesome sisters and the awesome nephews that they have provided me with but this post is getting long enough. 

Instead I'll leave you with a few more photos: Enjoy!

Ready for the wedding!
The picture in the earlier mentioned frame

Sassy girls


Bachelorette Party Down Town

Graeters Ice Cream

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane