Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Friggin' Bored

January has been soooo dreadfully boring in my world. Its lame.

I have literally done nothing exciting since NYE.

First of all my PIC swore off alcohol for the ENTIRE month of January to jump-start her weight loss and de-tox..therefore by proxy I have also not had so much as a glass of wine since the wee hours of January 1st Which means no late night dance marathons or slobbery karaoke sessions or anything that makes me feel remotely like the bomb-ass chick that I really am. I say this all tongue in cheek of course. Wine does not rule my world but I do enjoy it as the universal lubricant and I sure miss the fun weekend nights its helped to create!

No, this is not my only friend but my other friends either live out of town, have children, or are in the process of growing them as we speak - so I'm kind of floating our here alone right now.

Especially since Ben and my work schedules are still not in sync. Basically we are two ships passing in the night who occasionally go to brunch or hit the grocery store together. Otherwise he's working, I'm at Zumba. I have a late meeting he's working on the computer. I'm blogging and he's been in bed for a half an hour already -yada, yade. I'm so bored!

And I don't know what its like in your end of the world but winter seems to be lasting an excruciatingly long time in southern Ohio this year. I think we've had accumulating snow every week since before Christmas- which for these parts is almost unheard of- another storm is due to hit this Thursday and I'm dying a little just thinking of it!


So in my boring life what HAVE I been up to?

1. Zumba. Like 3 times a week. So much fun! Thinking of adding a boot camp class in there too. Zumba is the one place I do get to see my January non-drinking friend right now!

2. Baby Shower. Throwing one for my childhood bff. Finally booked a venue today which takes a huge load off. Hard to believe its coming up so fast- before we know it baby Shelby will be here!

3. New Orleans. Headed there in less than 30 days to kick of the Mardi Gras season with Bennyboo and some friends!!! So friggin' excited. Though I went twice back in the fall this will be the longest amount of time I've actually got to spend there!

4. Work, Going through another management transition and it sucks. I think it will be for the greater good but that doesn't make it suck less. Also some of the front-line team....suck. No details. Just suffice to say.

5. Working my butt off to be in my best shape yet for my trip - but not starving myself or abusing myself just want to be hot in Nola and for this summer...

6. How come finding an awesome bathing suit is so friggin hard? I found the one I want at Vicky C's ...decided that this year I wasn't going to get something cutesy, polka dotted, ruffled or pink (like I usually do) and picked a killer two piece in red with underwire support for my girls on top and strings on the bottom - the top for the tatas is actually in stock (though it seems the bigger top sizes go quick...hint hint Vicky C's) but like the only color the string bottom doesn't come in is red....why?!?!? So complicated!

7. Sick of snow, sick of cold, sick of not going out.....

Really that's all. Hopefully I'll have more exciting things to post soon. In the meantime I'm going to wash my face and go to bed!

Much Love Always!!!

Mrs. Amber Lane

PS If you use the words: precious, sweet, and amazing in a single blog post more than 10 times each - you're getting a little out of hand: we get it..your marriage,baby, job, life, etc. is perfect....now grow a vocabulary. Don't hate me...I'm just saying.