Monday, April 4, 2011


I know I don't update my weight loss goals on this blog with much regularity but if I did you would know that I've essentially been at a plateau since November. I maintained through the holidays which is FANTASTIC but now that we are well out of the holidays and moving towards summer I am really looking to blast through the last 10lbs - which seem to be the absolute hardest.

Today was my second weigh in since officially joining weight watchers. 

At the start I weighed 142.8
Week 2 I weighed 145.8
Week 3 (Today) I weighed 143.4

You can see why I am frustrated. These numbers are so close together that any number of factors can be swaying the weigh in- too much salt, didn't go #2, PMSing (Last week) Starting (Yesterday) (Sorry for the TMI P.S.) 

I won't be happy with my "number" until I weigh in less than my starting weight (duh) but today while out and about grocery shopping and looking for a dress for a friend's up-coming wedding I realized that I have a number of Non-Scale Victories that I can be proud of.

First of all - shopping is so much more fun! 
When I started my weight loss journey back in February of 2010 I was in a size 14 dress, 12-14 pant, 16/ XL blouse. Today I was in a size 6 dress, 4-6 pant, 10/M blouse. 

I was really into the dresses today b/c there are some darn cute ones out there right now!

Don't mind the goofy faces I was making in these pictures.

Front runner for the wedding (Ny&Co)

Work Dress (Target)

Just running around on a warm spring day dress- needs a belt imo (target)
Another Warm Spring Day Dress (target)
Very Cute dress from NY&Co Maybe work?
Second: Trips to the grocery store have become mini adventures!
I love planning to grocery shop now. Looking up recipes and using Recipe Builder to make them even healthier. One thing I've loved since I officially joined is plugging in recipes I was previously using and really seeing how healthy (or sometimes not healthy) they really are. One thing I've discovered is that I'm already using power foods that are naturally good for you in abundance so that's great!

Some of the staples: Apples,salad mix, strawberries, bananas, Greek yogurt, eggs

Tuna in water, pineapple, beans, ffree soups, ffree chicken broth

Along those same lines recently at work in the lunch room co-workers have said that they've never seen anyone eat as healthy as I do- who would have thought? Me? Eat healthy?!?! I used to be the drive-thru queen!

Third: I'm in so much better shape than I was. I never 'thought' that I was out of shape. I knew I was heavier than I should be but I was seriously one who never really saw it or thought that my extra lbs hindered me. When I was leaving the grocery store today the skies had opened up and the rain was pouring down. I surveyed the scene, decided it was warm enough, slipped off my shoes and sprinted to my car in the back of the lot. When I got there I wasn't winded, didn't feel my legs burn at all - didn't feel any different than I would have had I just walked- matter of fact I felt invigorated and ready to keep moving! So different than the old me!

Fourth: My journey has made me a planner and organizer on an entirely different level. In my fridge right now are containers of pre-chopped fruits and vegetables, pre-made tuna salad, black beans and rice, and super salads. I can tell you what I'm going to eat for each meal, each day thru Friday and there's a certain amount of power and control in that and I love it. I love it for me and I love it for Ben because its helping him get healthier too! 

So though the numbers on the scale are basically at a stand-still life is still good- I am still successful and that's a damn good feeling!

Not to brag or anything (; 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Monday! I worked all weekend and was off today - it was a good day! 

Much Love Always!
Mrs. Amber Lane