Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If It Aint Broke..Don't Fix It

In 1999 I borrowed a set of hair curlers from my sister to do my own hair for my sophomore homecoming,

They were nothing special, no switches, no bells, no whistles. Just rubber hair curlers in three sizes that didn't light up when they got hot, didn'tchange colors when they were cool- they just went in your hair with little horseshoe shaped pins, stayed in for 15 minutes, then came out, leaving your hair bouncy, shiny, and curly.

I never gave those curlers back and they have worked for me- without fail for over 10 years.

Only problem is; all the bells and whistles of the new curlers with their heat up clips and their soft, felty goodness made me swoon. My curlers were missing a few pins anyway and I thought it really was time to move on.

So I packed away my trusty curlers and bought a new set with the heat up clips and the felty, cool-to-the-touch curler and thought they would work fantastically- I mean they were made 10 years are more into the future from my other curlers, with the advancement in technology they had to work 10 times better!

Nope,wrong, nuh-uh- they freaking suck.

My hair is processed to a nearly platinum blonde every six weeks - its thick and though its straight, it will hold a wave when twirled around my finger. So explain to me why a $35 set of curlers didn't so much as and a half inch of volume?!?!?

I know this all sounds really stupid- but I just had a mini melt down tearing apart our upstairs looking for my old set of curlers. I have been trying to get in with my stylist for a week with no luck first they were closed for snow, then my girl got her car stuck in a snow drift, now I have an apt. scheduled for Sat. morning but an event that I'm the host of- tomorrow. My roots are dark and noticable and my eyebrows look like unruly little catterpillars- sure I could pluck but then I wouldn't be able to wax on Sat. and then the cycle would start all over again. Being the savvy chica I am- I figured if I could roll my hair then mold it into some stylish updo adored with a flower or a bow or something that would divert attetion from my roots and I'm banking on the hope that my glasses (that I only NEED to wear for reading) will cover my Bert brows. So imagine my frustration when my craptastic curlers failed to do the trick!

When I pulled the curlers out and stared at my limp, multi-colored strands the hissy fit commenced- I had to use my old curlers- only problem is- I had no idea where I stashed them. I stormed the bedroom for a few minutes before I called Ben off the computer and demanded he help me look as I continued to stomp around with a flashlight looking under beds and in backs of closets.

"What's wrong with you?!?!" Ben asked me finally

My answer?

"I'm mad because I bought a new set of curlers that suck and my old ones worked perfectly fine!"

I said it with complete frustration and disgust then there was a moment of silence before Ben and I cracked up, I pulled my head out of my bum, and remembered where I stashed the old curlers.

They are heating to perfection as I type. Tomorrow the new curlers go in the garbage and the old curlers reclaim their throne on my vanity.


I'm totally over this story and this dilemma. I've learned two things from this event:

#1 Always have a standing apt. for beauty maintenance
#2 And never fix it if it aint broke


Grr. PMS is a hell of an ailment.



Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh Snow!

I'm over it.

Here I am early in the AM getting ready to leave for work (with Bennyboo at the wheel) with my bags packed just in case I had to spend the night tonight. Luckily we had a break in the snow and the commute home was much improved. It is currently snowing again and through the early part of tomorrow.

I know the almost foot accumulative in southern Ohio isn't much compared to other areas of the country....

But I'm bored with it.

Spring time anyone?!?

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Back!

Holy February Batman!

The past week has been a long, slow one, with NO HOME INTERNET ACCESS!

I won't go into details of why we didn't have any but we've put a band aid on the boo, kissed it, and now its all better!

I've been away so long I've lost a follower - but its their loss.

Now I'm back and better than ever and ready to present you with some bloggy goodness.

First things first:

Weight Loss:


Things are really good and we are going into week 4! That's right, almost a full month and its still not hard. I don't know why I'm expecting it to get hard - maybe because a week ago is usually the point when I'm like...F this I want fried chicken and this time its smooth sailing. I've turned down cake and cookies and chocolate and made several wise choices while dining out so my confidence is only growing!

I know I said I would buy a scale and actually weigh- and I will but at this point I am going off the praises of others and the way my clothes are fitting.

How's that going for me?

A little something like this - "Are you losing weight" "Your face looks thinner" "You look great!"


My skinny jeans are loose! And my fat day work pants (you know the ones...they look like dress pants yet are stretchy loose and comfy) are TOO BIG - I can't wear them anymore without looking like the clown with baggy pants or running the risk of exposing my booty.

Its good friends. Very good!

I've mostly just altered my diet based on Weight Watchers points and have been working out about 45 minutes a few times a week.

My goals for week four: Establish work out routine (45 minutes 4 times a week)
Buy Scale (I know what I weighed when I idea now....)


Wedding things are going very well right now too, we are definitely gaining momentum. This week we've picked out our invitations, finalized the men's tuxes, and have started the long process of handmaking lots, and lots, and lots of brightly colored pinwheels.

Pinwheels? Oh that's don't know that story yet...
Fear not! Pictures and an explanation are soon to follow!

In the next week or so we are (finally) (re) finalizing our photography plans, making more pinwheels, buying lots of vases at ikea, going to the seamstress about my dress fittings, purchasing underpinnings and accessories, buying my reception dress, booking the honeymoon, and hooking myself up with a new bikini via the Vicky C's website!

Whew! Just over 4 months to go!!! Yay!

Went to the derm this past week as well for ugly blemishes. Hormonal outbreaks are all I have and I've been given a prescip and some topical goodies to make it all better. Only bummer? Extreme photosensitivity. Meaning- no tanning bed for 6 weeks. Self tanner recommendations anyone? My skin should be crystal clear ASAP though so its definitely worth it!


Is crap. Southern Ohio got somewhere between 4 and 7 inches this weekend crusting everything in snow and ice. It may not sound like much to those of you who live further north butI hate it. I hate snow. I suck at walking in it, driving in it, and over all dealing with it.
Rumor has it another "winter storm" is headed our way mid-week. Fantastic. Can it please be spring now?


Major changes coming this way. Annual reviews this month + my boss is relocating to Mississippi at month's end. I am staying very positive and hoping that all changes will be for the best! I'm not exactly bummed to see my boss go. She's a perfectly fine person there's just something about our personalities that doesn't seem to mesh. I always feel super inadequate and awkward around her so I'm sort of excited to (maybe) get a new boss who doesn't make me feel like a teenager in puberty (PLEASE GOD!). Fingers crossed.


Nothing really. Life is the wedding and work right now. I am excited for the superbowl tonight. No big plans probably just the couch and Ben but I'm cool with that. Sundays are the days I save my bonus points for so I'm looking forward to some kind of tail gate munchy (pizza maybe?) this evening. As far as which team I'm cheering for? Well....I could go either way. I kind of like Peyton Manning and the Colts I think they're a clean fighting, hard working team but like most of the world I like the heart and soul of the Saints and think New Orleans could definitely use a championship. It will be a good game either way!

So Go Team(s)!

( :

Ok, well I'm off for now. I'm hoping to catch up on all your blogs in the next day or so - its good to be reconnected!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane