Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costume Peraphanalia

So you may recall from this post that I am in the works of putting together a pretty killer Halloween costume.

Today I went hunting for the items I will need to put this look into motion.

Back in September I tried on this costume:

It was very cute on and I loved the idea of dressing up as a burlesque dancer - but then it dawned on me - I never do anything remotely scary or creepy and I wanted this Halloween to be different. So I put on my thinking cap and remembered a couple of True Blood episodes featuring 1920s/30s flashbacks:

And my plan was hatched.

Obviously the pretty pink costume wouldn't get the job done so I decided I would put my own burlesque costume together using this:


And a whole bunch of this: (in red and black)

To create the bustle I am planning to put my own twist on the no-sew tutus that everyone in bloggy land seems to be making for their wee ones- I'm hoping I can pull it off to achieve the look that I want! I will be working on the bustle during down time at work this weekend- heck I may even rope residents in to help me (my own little sweatshop, no?).

While I was out and about I also picked up all the accessories I would need:

Customizable fangs:
A short, dark, wig:

(PS the model looks a ridiculous lot like my girl Emily)


And I also got a cheapy makeup kit to play around in:

The look I'm going for is 20's burlesque dancer who has just been turned Vampire. Therefore I'm planning to go all out show girl makeup/undead complete with seeping bite marks and the whole bit.

Not shown but also part of my accessories: back seamed tights, t-strap heels, rhinestone jewels, and elbow length gloves.

The best part: The first costume I tried on cost $109 and did not include the fangs, wig, or makeup meaning had I bought it + accessories I would have spent $150.

Instead with a little creativity my grand total for EVERYTHING is right around $80 - still a lot- but a $60 savings- I'll take it!

Its going to take a little bit of elbow grease me thinks.

But I'm ready.

Bring it Halloween!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snatched Awards

So a couple of fantastic ladies whose blogs I read on a regular basis were sharing their awards in a free-for-all fashion so I decided to snatch them up for myself and invite you all to snatch them from me!

I snagged this first award from Aishlea over at Excursions of the Spurgins. Aishlea has a very cute blog where she shares life as a (relatively) newly wed lady. If you haven't yet - hop over and check her out!

When she accepted her award; Aishlea answered these questions so I thought I would too:

1. What one thing wouldn't you want to live without?

Other than friends and family I would definitely have to say face and body moisturizer. I can't stand to have dry skin. I always carry lotion with me - that's just how I roll.

2. Beach, Mountains, or Farm? If you had a choice, where would you live?

Beach. Farms smell - Mountain air gives me allergies. I want the sand between my toes and the sun bronzing my skin!

3. What is your least favorite household chore?

Yard work and dishes. I miss having a dishwasher!

4. Who do people say you remind them of?

Brooke Hogan and Bridget Marquardt

5. What is your all-time favorite movie?

Tough. I have a major tie between tons of movies: Dirty Dancing, Fried Green Tomatoes, Grease, Clueless, Legally Blonde, The Wedding Planner, Dazed and Confused...are right on top!

6. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn how to do something?

I can put mascara on with no mirror and crack an egg with one hand. I also print ridiculously neat.

7. What first attracted you to your spouse?

Well Ben and I first met in middle school. When I had a crush on him in 8th grade (for like a month) it was his hair and pretty eyes. When we actually started dating 6 years later it was his sense of humor and how I could just talk to him intelligently about anything and everything!

8. What is something about you that you know irritates others?

Set ridiculously high expectations that can't be met and end up projecting my dissapointments on others/anal retentiveness and a desire to always present myself and my work flawlessly- whether I am/it is or not.

9. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest?

I am both. Sometimes silent and sometimes loud. I laugh really hard at cats doing funny things (judge me if you want). I laughed the hardest recently when Meg, her sister, niece, and I were entering her venue for the wedding. We were standing in the lobby at the elevator and another wedding was taking place on the main floor. One handsome man from the other wedding was standing at their guest book in a military dress blues. As we waited for the elevator with arms loaded full of stuff - I felt my pants start to slide down my butt. I told the girls I was losing my pants but with all our arms full there was nothing anyone could do. So my pants just hit the ground. Luckily I was wearing a thigh lenght trench that was buttoned up so no one saw anything. The man was so polite though and never looked as we laughed but he did say: "Best wedding ever" as he signed the guest book and rejoined his wedding!

10. What is your favorite place to shop?

Macys, Sephora, Vicky C's, New York and Co. Target, TJ Maxx

My second snagged award comes from Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition.

Leslie's blog is one of my newest favorites- so definitely stop over there to check her out!

For this award I am to share 5 of my current obsessions:

Dark Nails: Planning to have my nails filled in the next couple of days and instead of the usual french mani am planning to do a deep burgundy or purple - bordering on black. I used to have Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI a few years ago and am thinking of going that route again.

Deep, dramatic lips. Nuff said.

Iced Tea. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. I don't really like hot beverages so iced tea is an all the time kind of drink for moi. I sweeten mine with Splenda!

Toothbrushes on the go - get rid of garlic breath in a snap!

ABC Fall Line Up. Its ruining/improving my life simultaneously. DWTS, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Eastwick, Flashfoward, Greys Anatomy, Desperate. My DVR is in overload!

Well, that's it for me for tonight. I'm pooped! Thanks for the free-for-all ladies! I plan to give you shout outs in my side bar as well. As for the rest of yas- snag em if you want em!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Girls.....

Well today as I was headed out the door of my office on the way to pick up cans of biscuits from social- my cell phone beeped twice indicating that I had an email and like it has everyday since last Wed. my heart jumped into my throat at the thought that it could my photographer getting back to me about the email that I sent him in regards to our (horrible) engagement pictures. The difference between this time and every other time: it actually was him.

For those of you who don't have the time/could care less about the gritty details; the gist of the email was this: "I did great, you just look like that. Our styles don't mesh, I don't really want to worry about making you happy. I'm cutting you a check for your deposit back. Have a nice life, see ya bye"

For those of you who are interested I present: The Response (with my added opinions):

Dear Amber and Ben,

I was surprised to receive your email, as I felt the session went well, and the photos displayed your personalities and expressed your love for each other (and you know our personalities after one meeting prior do you?). My photographic style is not one to force poses on subjects, which would tend to make them look uncomfortable, or look stiff (WRONG). Instead, through conversation and subtle direction, I attempt to photograph individuals as they would look naturally (Read: You naturally look like crap). I capture the way you would normally stand together, or hold each other, or look at each other, on an everyday basis, to bring out your emotions and natural smiles (Uhmmm Ben and I have been together 6 years we don't naturally hold each other like we are madly in love anymore - we need coaching- we don't rock PDAs anymore) . Some photos will be of subjects not looking at the camera, to tell a different story in a photojournalistic or candid way (Read: this is photographer speak that you are too dumb to follow).

Since we discussed wardrobe selection in advance, it is not part of my job to tell someone their choice doesn’t work. That comment from me would be insulting to most clients who have made a well thought out choice in the selection of their apparel they feel they like the best. Personally, I liked the black with the splash of red. I felt it added romance and a bit of excitement to the images (that my photography failed to do).

Your email states you’ve lost your faith in me. If you do not have complete faith and trust in your photographer, or every other wedding vendor for that matter, it becomes a distraction that will not allow both of you to fully enjoy the wedding day you’ve looked forward to for so long. It would also become a distraction for me, constantly worrying if I am capturing every image correctly, uncertain if you will like each one, making it difficult to focus on creativity (Read: I want to do what I want to do and don't want to think about what you want). In a situation like that, you would likely be unhappy with your photos .

It seems that my style and approach is not a good match for your vision. And that is ok. That is one of the benefits of having an engagement session, to be sure well in advance of the wedding day that the photographer’s images match the style you are looking for. I certainly do not want you to be worried on your wedding day, or unhappy with your images after the wedding. You are absolutely correct in that there is no wedding day do-over.

I’m certain there are many photographers whose style of imagery would work better to fulfill your wedding day dreams. So that you have plenty of time to find another photographer, I have mailed a check to refund your retainer, which releases you from your contract and any further obligation to ------ Photography (Read: I don't want to do it over, I'm a pompous ass, I'm right, your wrong, take this money and go away).

Best wishes, (Piss off Bridezilla)


Notice that NOWHERE in this email did he apologize for our disapointment even if he wouldn't apologize for his actual work. No attempt to make anything right other than to give up and send our money back. I guess I should be greatful though- he saved me from either awkward interactions with him for the next 8 months or from actually having to ask him for our money back myself.

So now the search is on for a fabulous photographer. The recomendations have been rolling in from Facebook so I'm back to saying prayers and setting appointments.

On another more positive wedding note. Through photos and recommendations from a couple we know who recently married I do believe we've found our honeymoon destination. Check it out here. Since its Meh-hee-co the USD stretches further and the All Inclusive part puts this worriers mind at ease. Not too gung-ho on the hour ride from Cancun to Playa del Carman but that's why they make atovan and dramamine. Any thoughts? Anyone been there?

But its bed time so for now I must be off!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings

1. I am exhausted. First day back to work after 4 days "off" (if you can call being in a wedding off) is draining. Not to mention I went in at 9:30 and wasn't pulling out of the parking lot until 7:15

2. Wore my killer knee high leather boots today for said super long day and my toes are complaining big time right now. My job doesn't involve much sitting so I'm paying for my fashion victim-ness right now.

3. I have tons of DVR'd TV to catch up on but I am feeling more like blowing it off and just going to bed right now!

4. I miss Megan. After weeks of talking daily and seeing each other almost daily and now not talking to her at all or being able to recap with her about the wedding sucks! But I hope she's having a wonderful honeymoon!

5. I don't usually talk about finances here but Boo and I have had a very lean couple of weeks brought on by the combination of a major unexpected expense and all the wedding things I had to pay for in the last couple of weeks including dress alterations, hotel, hair, mani/pedi, gift, jewelery, etc. etc. etc. I know we'll catch up soon but I'm getting so freaked about financing our own day. I just have to remain confident that it will all work out. I just have to.

6. Does Dancing With The Stars really have to be two hour long every week?

7. Tell me why Ben had me stop at the store for frosting because he wanted to make a cake for me but then decided not to make the cake tonight at all - does he not realize how stinking tired I am?!?!

8. Have to work this weekend and that sucks.

9. I am clearly not in a good mood. But that's ok....tomorrow is another day

10. To cheer myself up and get my self in the Halloween spirit I thought I would share some of my recent costumes with you and give you a hint about this year's costume....

I always throw together my own costumes (cause I don't want to be one of 6 girls out and about in this costume or that) so sometimes they turn out better than others.

Halloween 2006: Scarecrow

Wish I c0uld find a picture of the whole costume.... it was short with a cute cotton skirt. I wore knee high boots stuffed with straw.

2007 Adam & Eve

Looking back all those leaves added a lot of bulk but in person that costume was awesome and I spent a ton of time on it. Ben went out and picked a giant leaf 20 minutes before and hot glued it to underwear.

This was at a traditional Drama Dept. party in 2007 callee "F*ed Up in Fairy Tale Land"

I wore a gold toga and sprayed my skin with lots of gold glitter- I went as King Midas' daughter whom he turned to gold..... if I did this costume again I would actually use gold makeup to turn my skin gold- not just glitter.

KI 2007
When I worked in group sales coordinating corporate and social events at Kings Island I was a team player and dressed up during the Halloween Haunt media preview. I created my own "look" and even did some press on local TV in this get up!

2008 Princess Lolly from Candyland

Yes I am aware my boobs look gigantic- ugh- they kind of are ) :
I went with my own twitst on the original character- it was kind of skanky... but I kind of liked it.

So this year.....

Add this...

To this...

And you've got Halloween 2009 - if I get it pulled together that is.

Anyhow I'm going to bed.

And its going to be awesome.

Much Love

Miss Amber Lane

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me and My Girl

The wedding was great! I'm super tired today and looking forward to time spent on the couch, Bengals game, food, and maybe a little nappy.

Tons more pictures to come but for now...

Much Love,
Miss Amber Lane