Monday, January 10, 2011

OH and....

Do you know that if you google image search blonde muppet one of my pictures shows up after a page or two?!?! Oh lord.

That's what I get for calling my eyes big ole muppet baby eyes.


Ok really going to bed now.

A Blonde Bride & Her Boo Chapter 2

Yep, the name has changed. I figured now that we're almost 7 months post wedding it was time for a change.

Three Notable Changes:

1. My Blog Title:please adjust accordingly
2. My Blog Design : my life is no longer centered around one huge party, nor should my blog be
3. MISS Amber Lane is a thing of the past .. MRS.Amber Lane will be the new signature.

Minor details - but I feel refreshed.

Big snow storm coming to the Nati tonight.

) :

I hate winter.

Ok gals...its bedtime!

See you soon!

Much Love Always!

Mrs. Amber Lane