Friday, March 6, 2009





You all know it started a few days ago--- well I did in fact get Mucinex which did work to clean up my congestion but just when I thought I was starting to have the thing licked it creeped back up on me last night. My face hurt, my eyes hurt, my nose was running, I was sneezing like crazy- ugh!

The Bennyboo ran to the store for some Nyquil and I floated off to dream land on a puffy white medicine cloud but woke up this morning 100 times worse!

And even worse- I'm stuck at work until AT LEAST 3pm when all I really want to do is lay my ten ton head down and sleep this thing off.

Death! Death to Ohio weather, and colds, and working with people who make you sick!


Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Sniffly, Sneezy, Headachy, Groggy, Gross... SICK

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well these constant changes in weather have finally caught up with me.

What started as a little throat yuckiness has morphed into full blown congestion and a chest so filled with crap I can hardly stand it. The shit thing is that for the most part its still a very dry cough that I have and all the crap that I know is in there just sits like a rock. I can't stand it!

At the very least though- I'm not running a fever and any aches and pains I have are minor- the fatigue on the other hand- blows.

It should be interesting how this little monster plays out though. This past weekend it was just over 3o degrees- this coming Saturday say hello to 6o degree weather....I'm in for a ride.

Ah Southern're a delight.

I'm off to work- stuffy chest and all.


Miss Amber Lane

Monday, March 2, 2009

Awards and Hard Candy

Sarcastically Optimistic is having a free-for-all with the awards that she's been given so I have taken it upon myself to award.....erm....myself! (Yay Me!) I mean I'm not a total cow- she did say they were for any and without further ado. My awards:

To accept this award I must list 5 sexy things about myself- which of course I can do in a snap (wink- wink).

1. I can kick anyone's ass at Dr. Mario...yep that's right old school Nintendo style- if you don't think that's sexy ask my Bennyboo who LOVES to brag to his friends that I have mad gaming skills.
2. I'm not afraid to be who I am and ask forgiveness from no one (except God sometimes of course for my many indiscretions ( : )
3. I'm accomplished, successful, and independent yet have no problems asking for help or for the expertise of can't be good at everything
4. I mean I suppose I have to mention some physical attributes as well amongst my best I would have to say: eyes, hair, skin (lately I've been told I have a great complexion ...mostly from my lovely senior ladies at work) and of course....boobies.
5. I'm open about sex and have an adventurous, realistic view on the matter- I also don't take any of it too seriously- I have no problems appreciating other women's sex appeal and appreciating that we're all allowed to have our fetishes and none of them (well mostly none) make any of us freaks- I'm a bit of a Samantha minus the infidelity.


Now before you consider me too vain I present myself the second award:

To have this honor bestowed upon me I most list 10 things that are NOT so cute about me:
Here Goes:

1. My car- as organized and clean as I am in my regular life I can not say the same of my car. I spend about an hour and a half in my car a day just in travel to and from work- I eat, drink, live, breathe inside that car and I've got the crumbs and litter to prove it...yucky.
2. I throw tantrums- sometimes I throw things and say things just to get people mad at me and by people I mean my mom and Ben...the two I love most in life and unfortunately they suffer my wrath like none other.
3. You can take this as you will: I frequently don't wash my hands in public bathrooms.... I think they are so dirty so I always carry hand sanitizer in my purse and use that instead I always wonder what other ladies think of me when I walk out without touching the sink- I promise- I sanitize but the perception that I don't---not cute.
4. I reuse disposable water bottles way longer than those in the know say you should
5. I have a big brown mole on the back of neck- Ben says its not cute...maybe its cancer
6. I fight cat hair on my clothes by carrying a lint roller in my purse- doesn't work- cat hair wins
7. Sometimes I drool in my sleep
8. I can be the slightest bit vain at times but not in a snotty way- I'm just particular about how I present myself to the world- I think sometimes my more casual dressing, not so makeup-ified friends get annoyed with that
9. The bottoms of my feet- SO not cute- even pedicures don't help
10. My chin- I hate it- I've been told its distinguishing...I think its just big


I only have 8 "declared" followers so I tag all of you who are "followers" of Miss Amber Lane.

This Means:

Ms. Angel
Patronus Incognitus

If you are reading but are not following...quit lurking and jump on the bandwagon! I'm really quite nice and I need the ego boost to push me along on this journey!

In other news work today was a beast but at least it went by quickly- tomorrow should be a hairy scary day I'm just going to grin a bare it- maybe more on that depending on how it goes.
Oh and did I mention I got a raise last week? Yup a whopping 3%. Oh well...its money!

After work I met Ben at home and we headed to Target for neccessities: Pine Sol, Kitty food, ink cartridge, bunny ears headband, you know the usual.

The dinner at IHop.

I needed a desk container for file folders so I popped into TJ max where I did find a hot pink faux python container just the right size for files. I also stumbled upon a huge selection of Hard Candy makeup. While I usually don't seek out Hard Candy fo my makeup; finding eye shadow quads for $4.00 is reason enough to buy one in every color family:

Old Skool


(Not pictures: Sonic)

I also snagged this teeny compact with eyeshadows, glosses, concealer, blush, mascara, and mini eyeliner perfect for carrying in my purse for makeup emergencies.

The colors are in actuality much better than this picture shows.

Then we came home- I applied my tooth whitening trays and began blogging away. Now I'm off to watch at least one DVR'd show before nighty night time. I'm pooped. Is it Friday yet?


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Sleepy, Sore Throat-y, Content

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Real Quick GND recap

So the "finale" GND episode was in fact sad- but I promise I didn't weep. In fact I actually think that the episode just prior was a little bit sadder because all of the girls individually talked about how far their lives have come since the beginning and were actually making statements on this being the end for them. "transitions" was imo staged. Although the emotions felt real I think that they were going back and reinacting things to tie up loose ends for the fans. Although I think many ends are still blowing in the wind.

I mean Hef talks about Holly being unhappy...but shows her "leaving for a playboy shoot" - not moving out.

Bridget leaves to go on location for her new show but it clearly shows that she still has her room at the mansion, she even leaves Gizmo there. The only girl whose story came full circle is Kendra- and they definitely set her up nicely for the start of her spin-off, "Kendra" in June.

The other two are kind of "status unknown" unless you hear the gossip- which of course I do but if you don't your left to believe that Hef is still in fact "dating" Holly and Bridget...even though every tabloid will tell you differently.

But then I have to remind myself- The Girls Next Door series isn't over, nor has it ever been said that the original girls won't be returning in some way or another in season 6- will it be different absolutely- but there is still season 6 to tell us what's been going on.

I am ridiculously sleepy now and am headed for my bed but I felt that after all the hype I owed the internets my opinion on the season 5 finale.

So there it is. Oh! The Shannon twins....gag! I'm really not sure how I feel about them other than- they seem snotty and like they feel entitled- and though E! may have thought it seemed like a good idea at the time, the closing dialogue of the episode that was exchanged between Hef and the twins was like a slap in the face to GND fans:

Not-so-cute twin #1: Hi Hef- are these seats taken? (Gestures to couch in movie room where HBK always sat)
Hef: Not anymore...looks like I'm back in the game (chuckles and cuts to exterior shot of mansion)



Fast Forward

1. Last night was fun we spent a few hours celebrating Jen's hubby's bday then came back close to home and went to our local bar for a night cap where we unexpectedly ran into some of my friends and Ben's brother who was randomly in our neck of the woods (he lives 30 minutes away)
2. Closed down the bar and then a whole group of us went back to a friend's house
3. Ben's bro actually made me really happy when talking about our wedding- he's only two years older than us and a self proclaimed "black sheep" and the slightest bit of a love cynic so imagine my surprise when he seemed excited and really happy for us and also asked me to let him spend time with our children (when we have them) so that he can learn "all that stuff" coming from him I thought that was really sweet and the best "welcome to the Smith clan" he could have offered.
4. Didn't get home until after 5 in the am and am definitely hurting for it today.
5. Spent the evening pampering myself: hot oil treatment, hydrating face max, shower, shave, lavender baby oil rub --- the works.
6. Ate Chipotle for dinner and it gave me heartburn...tomorrow marks the start of my grown up, sophisticated, and looking smokin' in a wedding dress (and all the pictures) eating smart plan....I don't have a plan yet but I'll get there
7. Spent some time sitting on one of those big excercise balls yesterday and today my thighs are on fire (in a good way) ...Bennyboo is lovely and after me telling him I really want one he showed up back at home after running errands with an already inflated ball in hand!
8. My house is in major need of some spring cleaning. The only room I'm not ashamed of is "my room" and that's the one that nobody but me goes in. I need 12 extra hours in the day....or my laid off fiancee could get some shit done for me....but that's a whole new post...for a whole new day.
9. Gearing up for goodbye to my Girls Next Door plan to lie catatonic (dog-atonic anyone?) on the sofa in my cute new jammies and mope over the loss of my free ride to fantasy land at the Playboy Mansion....if I had the right body for it you bet your ass I'd is I'm already planning to have boudoir photos taken prior to the wedding for a gift/ I'm vain. Would I enjoy to be thinner- yes...but do I think I'm hot's that for self esteem!
10. Getting soooo sleepy
11. Blackberry chatting to Shawdee (aka Rachel) about life and makeup
12. Need to blow dry
13. Don't want to work tomorrow- need a vacation
14. Bennyboo mentioned Italy for our honeymoon- don't know if he's serious/we have the means but would be super geeked to go!
15. Have series beak down in communication with ma mere lately- we've been rubbing each othe the wrong way
16. Currently irritated that I always "Have" to be the planner amongs my mom and sisters...would love to have someone else take the lead and get things accomplished properly for once- I mean doesn't being the baby by 18 years entitle me to relaxation because everyone else planned it all?
17. Not looking forward to anything coming in the next week impaticular just getting through another long work week.
19. Have more wedding magazines than I thought humanly possible
20. Wish our wedding was much sooner....16 months is a long time off until "I do"!

That's all....need to blow dry and position myself on the sofa- then bed- I'm pooped!


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Pampered, Relaxed, Sleepy