Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Donde Estas?

Well ....

The test was negative.

The monthly visit still AWOL so I'm just trying to ride it out - not stress about it and see what happens. If we roll around to next week and still no news- I may take another test - and if still nothing then I guess there is no harm in making a visit of my own to the gyno.

Better safe than sorry.

I mean precautions were taken but Boo and I had more bedroom fun than normal in June/July so that paired with the lateness just gets me to thinking.....

But oh well. No stressing allowed. They say the more you stress - the later you are ... so no more!

In other news: the weather in Cincy is still terrible. Its been raining more frequently than not and the temp. keeps jumping from the 60s to the 80s so you never no quite how to dress for the day.

I have to admit the weather is making me terribly blah. I went to bed, no lie at 9:30 last night and slept like a baby. During the day I just drag around. I've been trying to give myself little projects to do to keep from slacking off.

Today my project was to pick up all the necc. items for all the house pets at work.

5'3 little me schlepping a 4o lb. bag of bird food + 31 lb boxes of kitty litter + toys + front line + fish food = me literally laying into the cart handle to get the thing to move.

After that I thought I would embarrass myself a little by stopping ar Kroger for the head nurse to pick up snack packs of pudding for med pass. Had I gotten a shopping cart instead of a basket I probably wouldn't have looked so much like a little Miss Piggy but imagine someone checking out on the U Scan with a basket over-flowing with pudding and you've got what I looked like.

Oh well. At least I found a Gold Star between Pet Smart and Kroger and picked up a cheese coney - that made the whole day worth while.

Well its smoothie day here at my work so I've got to run so that I can the smoothies made before 3pm and the natives start a mutiny.

I may be back a little later!


Miss Amber Lane

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Michelle said...

I worked at Jamba Juice for a year and have all of the smoothies memorized if you want some recipes! :) After reading your last post you got me worried. I had the same little "spot" issue too a couple weeks ago. I started the pill that day and am hoping everything is "normal". I almost never just spot a little.. they are always regular. It's scary but I'm in the same mindset you are. No stressing! Hopefully everything works out the way you want it too! Enjoy your smoothies!