Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Play List (A Day Late)

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Whenever You Call: Mother's Escorted to Light Candle

Speechless: Processional

Here Comes The Bride: Me obviously

The Way I Am : Candle Lighting and Time For Reflection

The Way You Make Me Feel: Recessional

Let's Get Retarded: Bridal Party Entrance To Reception

Yeah!: Bride and Groom Entrance

I'm Yours: First Dance

In My Daughters Eyes: Mother/Daughter slide show

A Song For Mama: Mother/Son dance

How Sweet It Is: Cake Cutting

I'll Be There mixed into Blame It On The Boogie: Bridal Party Dance

100 Years: Generations Dance

Girl Fight: Bouquet Toss

Foxy Lady: Garter Removal/Toss

Save The Last Dance: Guest Last Dance

You and I: Bride and Groom Dance as guests prepare for sparklers, bubbles, etc. for grand exit

Of course there will also be a few surprises- but I'm not giving everything away here!

Stay tuned! Just over 5 months left!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I suck at New Years Resolution.

I'm just saying.

I don't think I've ever made resolutions that I've stuck with.

With that being said - This year I've dug a little deeper and come up with a list that's a bit more specific, a bit less vain, and ok lets be honest - includes a few things that are pretty much inevitable (like the wedding - gulp - at least I hope!).

1. Make a once a month date with my mom for lunch,dinner,shopping, whatever

2. Plan a once a month girlfriends night. Casual or dressed to the nines. At least one fun night that doesn't involve Bennyboo.

3. Start a retirement plan

4. Get married (and in the process: manage the stress, relax, and cherish the moments)

5. Limit my diet coke intake to one a day and drink WAY MORE water

6. Pay closer attention to what's going into my mouth by starting a food journal. This way I can track why I eat the way I eat when I do.

7. Begin an exercise regimen that I can stick with longer than a week. Its clear I'm not a Shred-er to repetitive- I need variety.

8. Get involved in one organization outside of my home so that I can contribute to the community, make new friends, and spend some time out of the house! Ideas: an exercise class, book club, community theater or choir, voice lessons, or volunteer organization (junior league?)

9. Pay off my car ( by February of 2011)

10. Begin making two payments a month to major credit card- making it so that I'm paying more than the minimum payment each month, never late, and don't feel the pinch because the payment will actually be less money but more frequent.

11. Once a week date night with Ben. At home or out and about.

12. Continue to limit alcohol intake to a handful of times a month and in moderation

13. Travel more. Even if its small weekend trips. I feel like this year I've been confined to my house way more than I want to be!

14. Take better care of my skin - AKA NEVER SLEEP IN MAKEUP!!!

Now....Will I fulfill all of these- only time will tell!
It will be interesting to come back this time next year and see what I've actually accomplished!

In other areas of life- not much has been going on. Just dealing with the weather - I actually spent the night at work one night last week because of snow- that's dedication my friends.

This week is a short one I'm off Fri,Sat,Sun! Hooray!

Hope your weeks are great! Stay warm!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane