Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy News!

My best friend Megan officially announced that she's pregnant today!

Six weeks- due on March 13th.

I'm super happy and happy for her- of course the news is bittersweet- its a very mixed feeling when the girl you grew up with finds out she's going to be a mom - especially when you know that babies are a way off for you - but I am of course thrilled over all!

When Megan first told me that she thought she was pregnant the thought crossed my mind that essentially all of my friends either already have children or are pregnant- at least the married ones that live in close proximity- isn't funny how life pushes you forward- ready or not?

But don't get it twisted- baby is not ready to have babies yet- I want to enjoy my slimmed down figure (and make it slimmer) and spend some quality newlywed time with hubband - not to mention accumulate some extra fundage before I even think of baby making.



Sunday, July 18, 2010


This weekend I ...

Took my peeps (of the senior variety) to the Museum Center to check out the Cincinnati History Museum on Friday.

(Peeking out the window in a WWII Trolley)

Then Ben and I met up and headed out to Brookeville, IN for an evening of camping and a Saturday of paddling down the river....

Jen and I chatting by the fire

Me and my Hubband
(right before heading off to bed only to discover our air mattress had sprung a leak and deciding to sleep in my car- NIGHTMARE!)

Ben was King of the Kayak

But I gotta be honest- I made it look GOOD! ( ;

Sunday was resting, planning, grocering and TRYING to make a major photo post for the first Wedding Wednesday post since I've gotten my professional pictures back.

I'm halfway there - but blogger is just not cooperation. Good thing there's a few days between me and Wednesday!

Hope your week starts out wonderful!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane