Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Girls Are Back In Town!

The Girls Next Door that is!

Anyone who follows this blog KNOWS that I <3 me some Girls Next Door. They also know how sad I am that the show (as we know it anyway) is coming to an end now that all three girls are headed their separate ways. However..... There's still a bunch of GND left to be had in the next several months- even after the "finale" episode airs tomorrow. First of all the season 4 DVD will be released in just under two weeks!

Season 4 to be released on DVD Tuesday, March 10th

I LOOOOOVE to watch the DVDS while I'm getting ready for work in the morning or to go out for the evening. They're just the right length to keep my primping time to a minimum. Plus the commentary is great- I watch more frequently with commentary than without so I'm looking forward to a whole new season to dig in to!

Just a few days after that Bridget's new show premiers on the travel chanel!

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches
Premiers Thursday, March 12 @ 10PM!

Bridget is definitely my favorite- we have similar interests and personalities for sure- I've also been told I sound like her and my mannerisms are similar to hers. I 've also been told I resemble her -- I'm totally flattered by that but think its mostly the tan skin and the blonde hair that makes the resemblance- I WISH I had her figure!

Of course I've also been told I resemble this one as well:

Again..,wish it were a hot physique comparison but think its based on hair and tan as well.
I won't complain though I think they're both hot.
Oh and PS my hair is slowly but surely on its way back to Barbie blond fall when I start whining about wanting red hair or low lights...remind me how much I LOVE my blond hair and how I want to be as much of a blond bombshell for my wedding as possible!

I digress ( and I'm clearly vain as well)...

Kendra's new show hits sometimes this summer...not sure when-

Of the three, Kendra is probably my least favorite- but I have to admit- I will still watch. I love my Girls Next Door---what can I say?

But what about Holly?

Hopefully she has something good coming up too...and to be perfectly honest...
I hope one of them writes a tell-all book...I would buy the hell out of that!

Although I have yet to buy the hell out of these two books:

Prolly because everytime I go to Borders I buy wedding books! Hee Hee I still get a little Zing! when I remember that I'm getting married! Yay!

So with the slew of new GND related materials plus the two books (that will be new to me) my heart break will be delayed - at least through the summer.

I'm not gonna lie though- I very well may cry tomorrow night when "Transitions" airs. Its the end of a fabulous fantast ride.

Le sigh.

Well that's enough of Miss Amber Lane's exclusive tour through Reality TV loser land (we all have something). I'm going to primp and prettify for an evening out on the town to celebrate my friend's hubby's b-day- evenings with them are always an "adventure" lets see how this plays out!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Engagement Story

At long last the pictures from the night Ben and I got engaged! I think I already mentioned that I had the slightest inkling that the proposal was coming so I snapped as many photos prior to our dinner as I could so that someday I could show the pictures to our kids and tell them, "this was mommy getting ready to have dinner the night we got engaged!" etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately there aren't any good pictures of the dinner- but I snagged some pretty cute ones anyway I think!

The vanity in "my room" (aka the guest room) as I was getting ready. The candle is Morrocan Rose from Yankee and FYI the nail polish I used on my toes was "Goin' to the Chapel" from OPI... coincidence? I think not!

Me with my make up all done...minus lipstick...and yes, still in a towel.

Ok....perhaps TMI (too much imagery) but these were the panties I wore ... I only had them 9 months before feeling like the time was right to wear them! Haha. Sorry for the booty shot....this is for posterity after all!

Another shot of me in a semi-undressed state..yes I store my girly dvds (the ones I watch in "My room" while getting ready) in Vicky C's boxes.

All ready... where are we going?

Waiting for Ben to come upstairs and retreive me for our date.... I started taking random pictures. This is the decor in our upstairs hallway.

And then come the random shots of me...waiting.

After dinner Ben wanted to open his presents: One of the presents I got him was this game, the other was a Best Buy gift card.

In the war of who got whom the better present...he definitely won this time! He asked me to marry him and I said, "Yes!" and my happy face in this picture proves it.

Trying to get my bling into a picture Ben took of can't really make it out. Yes, we're at The Backdoor- we wanted to share our good news with everyone and its hard to do from home!

A picture of my ring take on my cell phone. Let me tell you- taking clear pictures of an engagement ring is next to impossible.

So here's one from the Jared website. Yes ladies and gents: HE WENT TO JARED! Lol.

Well that's all I have for now, It's after 11 and definitely bed time. Thank God tomorrow is glad its the weekend!

Have a good one everyone!

PS Not sure why some things are randomly underlined but I'm too sleepy to try to fix it tonight.

Miss Amber Lane

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its Amazing.......

How fast your day can fall to shit.

Perfectly good day today. I got a lot accomplished at the work place, it was a relatively calm and slow paced day. 

I pull into my neighborhood and happen to glance at my phone- two missed calls both from numbers near my work...great what in the eff do they want?

Listen to my first message- its one of the potential adopters of the work dog that we are returning to the SPCA because its too young for our community just wanting to know about it --- uhmmmm why do you think its ok to call my personal cell phone to ask that AFTER 5pm (and why the hell did our concierge think that it was ok to give my personal cell phone number to this person without my prior permission?)

The second message was said concierge calling to tell me that there was someone else interested in the D-O-G and wanting me to call and tell her if we had agreed to any one imparticular yet. Seriously? I'm an Activities Director for Senior Citizens not a puppy mill or vet or SPCA worker...why the eff am I getting calls on my personal time about a dog? Not to mention last Friday when I was off I was called about 6 times because they thought the dog needed to go to the vet....effing take it...don't call me!

So I call our concierge back to explain the D-O-G as I am walking through my front door with one arm weighted down with a tote bag full of wedding magazines, a wedding planner, and my everyday planner- the other arm has my purse on it thats almost as heavy as the tote bag- still trying to talk on the phone mind you... when Ben comes to the door and tries to hold it open for me to sit one of my bags down while I'm doing this I reach into the mail box on our front porch...which takes me all of 10 seconds to do in which time Ben shouts at me to, "Not leave the front door open!" to which I yell ," Shut up!" which came out all wrong because what I really wanted him to do was just not talk while I was on the phone with my work but I was tryingt o say it so urgently it came out nasty. So he gets mad at me and starts stomping around the ktichen making dinner. I clear everything up with work, get off the phone and head upstairs where I find a lovely present from our youngest kitty.

Now Rennie has had a problem since we brought her home back in October, with getting in the bathroom garbage...especially when it is being used during my time of the month (sorry if this is too graphic). Well I've adjusted accordingly, first I got a bag that was placed in the garbage and tied down when not in use...didn't work, then I moved the garbage can onto a shellf  across from the throne about boob high....didn't work....this time I put the garbage can in the guest room high up on a stack of shoe boxes (yes its high) and I get upstairs to find that she has destroyed the trash can...shreds and scraps all over the floor...and it wasn't pretty. I've cleaned up the mess and have some calls in to people to see if they want a new kitty....I can't go through this every month and I'm sick of it. 

I called my mom to see if she wants her and we just ended up fighting about something else...maybe just because I got myself into a shitty mood. 

But the good news is as I was typing this, Bennyboo finished dinner and brought my plate to the desk. he made cheeseburgers and the damn guy knows my sweet spots not only did he garnish my plate with two pickle spears he also dished out some cottage cheese for me, toasted my bun and the peice de resistance he poured ketchup and ranch dressing into little puddles on my plate for dipping....just like I would have done for myself. The man loves me....this is why I'm marrying him.

So maybe it is Amazing how fast a day can turn to shit but its pretty amazing how fast it can come back together too. 

For now!

Miss Amber Lane

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