Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back From Miami!!!

Departing from Cincinnati

I know I've been AWOL for quite some time but things at work leading up to our trip were insane and then of course I was away for the better part of a week so I wasn't able to post then either.

The trip to Miami was just what the Dr. ordered. Lots of sun and relaxation and a few nights of crazy good-ness.  We arrived back in Ohio today at 11:30 after dragging our over-tired buns out of bed at 4am for our 6:30 departure. Needless to say; I haven't done much besides eat and sleep since I got home- and my lord let me tell you - nothing feels as good as your own bed when you've been sleeping in hotel beds!

I haven't uploaded my actual pics yet but here are a few taken from my phone and uploaded to Facebook- kind of teeny but you'll get the idea!

Dinner at Maya

Jess at Maya

The Beach Outside Our Hotel Early in the Morning 

Taken in the afternoon of day 2

Emily and My Shoes and wine glasses at Fountainbleau Lounge 

Sitting in the Sun

Crab Leg Dinner
Real pictures to come soon!!!

Much Love Always!!!

Mrs. Amber Lane