Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Girls Right To Toys

Disclaimer: I'm going to get mildly political and a tad personal - if you prefer the fluffier, lighter side of Miss Amber Lane- I would suggest skipping this post - if you feel up for a little bit of grit- by all means - I'm ready to share.


Recently Alabama's ban on the public distribution of sex toys has slipped back into the limelight thanks to those wonderful people who are trying to have the supreme court overturn the law....
(due to how blatantly unconstitutional it all is ).

You can tell how news savvy I am by the fact that I had no idea there was EVER a ban on pleasure paraphernalia in the state of Alabama and its been a controversy since the late 90's.

You can certainly imagine how surprised I would have been had I ever been searching for a new "friend" (as my bff calls toys) while visiting the yellowhammer state (yes the name is ironic all by its lonesome).
You can also imagine my surprise that there is such a ban when you take in to consideration the pure debauchery I entangled myself with at the age of 19 when I visited Mobile for the GMAC bowl .... but that's another story for another day.

I digress.

It just blows my mind that the state can say- nope sorry we aren't going to sell these items to you- because the state thinks they're immoral, or dirty, or interfere with the sanctity of marriage or something. I just can't even fathom this. Why can't the laws that govern porn shops and love shacks in other states suffice in Alabama? No sale to minors ought to do the trick dontcha think?

And uhm...hate to break it to the conservative parents out there but taking the porn shop out of Mayberry isn't going to squelch the curiosity - only limit the the fodder. Where there is a Victoria Secret catalogue there will still be a horny preteen dying for a peek a nude statue a gaggle of girls giggling at a flacid penis. Furthermore - most kids will learn what buttons to push before they even know where there nose is. As human beings we are built to seek pleasure and seek it we will whether its with a Jenna Jameson film and a buzzing silver bullet or a Sears catalogue and a nubby towel. That's nature.

In my humble opinion if we didn't make everything remotely sexual in this country so taboo we wouldn't have all the deviance that we have today and we definitely wouldn't have kids who feel ashamed and embarrassed for feelings that are completely natural. Anybody else ever been convinced that you wouldn't go to Heaven? No? Only me?

In conclusion I have to say that technically, Alabama's ban has absolutely nothing to do with me; but with that being said: if there ever comes a day where I can't hop on the highway to my local Hustler and pick up a tingly,buzzy, buddy...I'm moving.

But this opinion comes from a girl who has her own subscription to Playboy and leaves them lying about the house, visitors be damned - so you can take my words at face value.

You can read a more eloquent version of the perspective I agree with here. I'm sure this has came across as a TMI ramble so I want to offer you a more fluid piece of literature to supplement.

In other news TGI Friday tomorrow.

And as always - I welcome your comments on the matter at hand whether in agreement or opposition.

After all; variety is the spice of life!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blonde Bride & Her Boo - the lighter, fluffier version ( ;

Much Love.....

Miss Amber Lane

Thankful Thursday

I discovered Life After I Dew through a few blog friends of mine and decided that her "Thankful Thursdays" sound like a good idea. So here I go jumping on the bandwagon: Yeehaw!
This Thursday I am thankful for:
  • Fried Chicken: I don't know what it is about fried chicken and me this week but there's something about Southern Fried chicken with green beans and potato salad that seems to moisten the pallate right now. Of course its only a sometime treat but this week it hit the spot!
  • My Pinwheel Pink Vera Bradley Villager tote: I was never huge on Vera in college when it was all the rage- but in the last couple months I have fallen in love with her totes! Why? All the dang pockets! I can schlepp everything! Today I'm carrying around all my planners in there! Personal, work 2009, and work 2010!
  • My sunny disposition today! After starting the week off with a head cold I've slid right back into a routine and am actually back on the perky side today!
  • Toy Story double feature in 3d and Toy Story 3 - I'm like a kid in a candy store!
  • Autumn- I love the fall and can't wait until it really kicks into gear!
  • Super soft, tissue thin sweaters. I'm wearing one in bubble gum pink today and I love it!
  • And as always: My sweetheart, my kitties, my family, my friends, and my residents; for them I am so very thankful!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

1. Feeling much better today. Woke up this morning minus all the pressure in my head and face so thank God for that!

2. Busy work day today, busier work day tomorrow including: orienting a new volunteer, teaching the Activities class to a new batch of team members, finalizing the October calendar, and pushing forward with plans for the quarterly event that takes place in three weeks.

3. Loving the start of the fall season. Maybe its because as a culture we spend 13+ years of our life in school being conditioned to buckle down and get focused - but even though nothing has changed I can feel myself slipping back into a more structured routine and accomplishing more throughout my day. Can't wait until its chilly enough for my fall clothes.

4. My bff's wedding is getting closer and closer and I'm getting so excited for her! Problemo? Her cousin is her MOH and unfortunately seems to be dropping the ball for the bachelorette party and now Meg is looking to me to help throw her shingdig - which I really want to do - problem is me thinking that her MOH was in control scheduled my big work event for the afternoon of and I won't have any time for prep..... it will work its self out though I hope!

5. Glee....still not sure about it. The former musical theater major in me gets a sick little thrill from the song and dance and longs to be back at. The grown up in me thinks some of the musical numbers are a bit sad - especially when performed by their teacher....though part of me can't help but think Mathew Morrison is pretty darn cute when he's performing. The jury is still out on the show as a whole though.

6. Attending a wedding this weekend of a girl I don't really even know as the "date" of my friend Jessica. I need to find something to wear that helps me to maintain fabulosity but not stick out in a group of people I've never even met. Any thoughts?

7. I have eaten nothing but garbage all week - actually ever since my friend Miss Rachel Ann was in town and I didn't feel like cooking!

8. Is anyone else shamelessly geekd that Toy Story 1 and 2 are going to be showing as a double feature in 3d and that there is going to be a Toy Story 3? I was a teen when these movies first debuted but as everyone knows they're awesome, plus they remind me of my nephews when they were teeny- I wonder if they (now 14 and 12) would let their "old" Aunt Amber take them to see Toy Story now that their "all grown up"? Doubt it.

That's all. I don't have much to chit chat about. Hope everyone made it over another hump day unscathed.


Miss Amber Lane

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not So Fabulous

That's how I feel - not so fabulous.

Night before last my throat started to ache - I went to bed and dreamed that I had my throat swabbed and the doctor pulled out my uvula and it was covered in blood. (Gross I know)

I woke up that morning and my throat was even achier. I spent the whole day feeling run down and just not quite right. When I finished work I went home and spent a couple hours on the couch before peeling myself off and helping Ben with dinner and finishing up some dishes. I showered the treated myself to some hot mint tea and a piece of cheesecake before treating myself to bed.

This morning the ickiness moved from my throat into my face and head - pretty much proving that its sinus pressure from the change in the weather but not making me feel any better.

So my first few days back at work have been...draining.

I'm doing my best to overcome it though.

One sniffle at a time. Oh and if one more person tells me I look like crap today...I'm going to lose it!

For Now,

Miss Amber Lane

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Finds

So in the spirit of my home transformation I hopped over to Goodwill to look for some thrifty finds to add to the decor.

Brass bird cage- Rennie was hoping that there was a birdie in there for her to snack on ... sorry Ren - no luck!

Salt and pepper shakers for the fall

Wall candle holder

A hodge podge of my goodies: tart burner, candle sticks, magazine rack, and whatever you call that rose decorated thing - I hung it in the guest room- its pretty.

Planning to put this on my night stand to use to stash my everyday jewelery - I don't have a full picture of it but just to the right there is a turkey platter.

Love this glass - am using it a a candle holder. Really wish there have been more of them but the one is pretty darn special all on its own.

Angel statues - there's another one that got missed in the photo op

And last but not least a few Christmas goodies. Fall and Christmas decorations are my favorite. Pulled out the fall decor yesterday- so excited to distribute throughout the house!

A close up of the Santa.

So those are my finds at the Goodwill. It was a blast to pick things out and find fun places for them around the house. More pics to come of the new items once they find permanent homes.

And when I get a new camera - dropped it last night with the zoom out.

Camera = Done.

But more on that and other weekend shenanigans later!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane