Thursday, May 7, 2009

) :

I just realized that I'm lonely.

Its no big deal really, I suppose. I just came across pictures a friend - a girl who has been one of my best friends- posted on Myspace of her hanging out with a group of girls that I don't know. For
a year while she dated the guy who broke her heart last month- I was pretty much forgotten about and now when I thought she was just needing time to heal and was laying low she's been hanging out with a brand new crowd and doesn't bother to call and ask me to do things anymore.

Yes, I know it sounds petty but I've just really realized lately that I am almost completely void of female companionship these days. If I'm not bugging the crap out of my friends to do things with me- they don't get done. When did my friendship become so inconsequential to this gals?

Of course I have Ben- but its just not the same.


On another note- I've been quite the bad blogger lately. I would tell you that I'm going to catch you up soon- but let's be honest- its really much easier to just move forward.

For Now...

Miss Amber Lane