Monday, June 21, 2010

Engagement Photo Re-Do


This blonde bride is so glad she had a bombshell tantrum with her original wedding photographer over poor engagement photos.
As you will recall from this post - the original photos taken back in September... not so bueno. First of all when we presented our engagement picture idea of a carnival setting to our original photographer- he blew us off and as a result- our pictures, well...blew.
The photographer did not at all capture Ben and myself as a couple. We were posed on rocks and against brick walls in 4 inch heels (me of course) and dress clothes (both of us). We looked stiff, awkward, and out of place.
Second of all; I looked fat. And I will give credit where credit is due- baby was chunky and those photos helped light the fire under my ass to lose the 45 lbs (and counting) that I have lost at present. Never the less though- Mr. Photog should have created ways to make moi look as slim as possible and instead made me look even heavier (IMO).
I won't go into further details of the falling out (as you can read them in the before mentioned post) but suffice to say- we were sent a refund check and were released from our contract to find someone who shared our vision.

And find him we did.

We met Anthony after a random google search. I instantly fell in love with his work because there was a lot of color in his photos and it seemed that he didn't display only wedding pictures of size 0 brides and their preppy boyfriends- he featured and displayed proudly- couples and bridesmaids and groomsmen of all shapes, sizes, class, and ages and I was instantly drawn to that.

Also he pretty much loved my idea of the carnival that clenched the partnership.

This past Saturday Ben, Anthony, and I met at Coney Island on the river here in Cincy and had our engagement shoot- which I prefer to think of as our "Pre-Wedding Un-Wind" shoot as it was a mere days before the wedding.

It was hotter than hecky darn and my hair pretty much looked like crap but I could tell right away the pictures were going to be fab.

This morning I was proved right! I woke up to find our session on his website and was delighted with the results. I was unable to save the actual photos (I don't have my own disc yet) so I was (delightfully) tacky and took pictures of the monitor with my phone.

So without further delay here is a preview of our engagement shoot:

Riding the Merry-Go-Round

Going After Ben in the Bumper Cars and Getting Bumped On My Way


Making Me Laugh As Always

Out To Get Me

My Cotton Candy!



Besa Me Mucho!

Ewww! More Kissing!

I love the picture overall but tell me it doesn't look like I smell a fart?!?!

Even MORE Kissing!

I look very smitten here!

He and Me!

I Love Playing The Claw Machine!

How Can Anyone Be That Excited Over The Claw?!
And there are about 100 more! There are so many that are so cute- I can't wait to get the disc and show them to you! We have to pick one of the photos to use to matte at our wedding and use as a guest book- any of these jump out at you?
4 Days Until The Wedding!!!!!!!!!!