Monday, August 2, 2010

Cleaning House- Catching You Up

Apparantly I still haven't rejoined the blogging world fully. I'm bummed about it- I truthfully feel guilty. I don't know if I'm lazy, or busy, or just have a lack of content. Of course I have PLENTY of wedding pictures to share- but blogger takes so freaking long to upload that I get bored and quite before I can even publish them - honestly - who wants to spend 2 hours on one post?!? So maybe lazy is the category in which I fall.

So sorry.

BUT... I'm here with you today and that's what counts yes?

So what's been going on with me? Pretty much the same old song and dance.

Work, home, play. Nothing extraordinary. Seriously, nothing. I think one of my character flaws is that I'm always waiting for the next shoe to drop- and not making things happen in the moment. For example when I was engaged- I was just waiting to get married and be married. Now that we are married I'm like ...

"Well, now what...guess nothing big will be happening for us until we decide on babies" and you would not even believe how many people have asked us this exact question;

"So, when are you planning on starting a family? "

Didn't I just start a family? Ben and I are a family- and can't we be married for like .1 second before people start expecting me to pop out small people?

But anyhow, I digress. Back to the waiting for the other shoe to drop thing- my point is that I need to start living in the now and stop thinking about what's next. Travel more, spend time with friends more, get involved with things more - NOW - not later when.

So that's kind of where I am right now- deciding on how I want to spend my time. My friend Emily just signed up for an art class which I think is very enriching of her. I've been thinking of joining some kind of class myself - not art (I'm not patient enough for painting and drawing- I'm an instant gratification kind of girl) but something that I can focus on that's just for me; a foreign language class, dance, piano lessons, Zumba - don't know quite yet.

And like I said I definitely want to travel more- even for just small trips.

This weekend I drove out of town about an hour to spend an evening with my friend Jen.

Next month of New Orleans bound for Rachel's bachlorette party and wedding shower- I'm really looking forward to that! Never been to New Orleans and for a bachelorette party- I can't wait to see how much "trouble" I can get into for that. Good trouble of course! And I'll be going back again (hopefully with Ben) in October to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

But I've also been thinking it would be fun to do small trips with friends or hubband to Chicago and Gatlinburg (both aprox. 5hrs away so close enough for a long weekend). And we definitely want to do Vegas- neither of us have ever been and that's on the must do list before we think about that before mentioned "start" of a family. And eventually we need to take the honeymoon that we didn't get right after the wedding.

I think what I really need to do is start a "half way to new year" resolution list and make it my goal to fulfill the goals I set for myself by the time 2011 rolls around. Wow, 2011. That's nuts. But just like blogging....maybe I'll actually write out a list - or maybe I'll just think it sounds like a good idea, mean to do it, and just not. That's kind of where I am right now.

On a more frivalous note- some of the "superficial" goings ons in my world:

1. Birthday Sunday- Saturday night scandal is already scheduled. We're going to a co-ed strip club. That's right ladies a strip club that features male and female dancers- judge me if you want but its going to be a blast!

2. Hair apt. Saturday- going to do something totally different. Not changing the length (its finally getting as long as I want it) but I'm definitely going to play with my color. Blonde is of course my signature color but I'm planning to play with the highlights/lowlights and texture. My hair has been a pristine blonde for the better part of our engagement and I'm ready for a little more edge.

3. Really getting back into home decoration and DIY projects for the home. My latest project is our office/guest room also known as Ben's room. Just about this time last year I gave over the extra bedroom that once housed my bedroom suite and the cutest yellow and pink theme ever to Ben and his desk (if for nothing else than to get that beast out of our living room). Now it houses Ben's mammoth desk, dresser, and a saggy twin bed for guests. The room is always a mess of Ben's discarded clothes, office peraphanalia, and junk that Ben accumulates. I'm pretty much planning to give up the guest bedroom aspect of that room now and turn it into a full functioning man zone (and I may sneak my desk into a corner there too). This new concept involes lots more storage and the removal of the crappy bed. We are getting a futon instead - it may seem a little frat house but I figure if I do this room up right it will really work.
Some other projects I plan:
Building a kitchen counter/cabinet
Painting/restyling our bedroom
Basement Re-organization
Routine maintenance that hubband just wont do

5. Really into red lipstick right now...not sure why...but I'm totally sporting it

6. Would really like a new blog design that someone else who is more creative than moi puts together. Who did yours- any suggestions?

7. Am over my post wedding weight loss plateu- I lost nearly 3 lbs this past week! I was ecstatic to see the lowest number I've seen in my adult life on the scale this past Thursday! I have now lost 49 lbs since about January. I've decided that 16 more lbs and I will be in maintenance. I hear that last 10 are the hardest ... if that's so bring it...the first 49 weren't too bad!

Well, this post has taken me like 3 hours to write because I've had to leave it and keep coming back to it. I'm off to take my residents shopping at Wal-Mart.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Much Love Always

Miss Amber Lane