Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Blogger

Maybe we should break up.

I lost a follower today - or sometime recently - I don't log- on everyday anymore. It seems I used to have lots to write about- but anymore it seems life is life- I'm living it- its good mostly - and nothing is THAT exciting. Not only that but I used to LOVE to log on and see everyone's, home decor posts and anymore its getting exhausting trying to keep up. But its not you...its me..

On top of all that- I get a little irritated that I can write about frivolous BS and everyone wants to comment on it but when I write serious posts- there are literally crickets and cob webs.

Maybe we aren't breaking up but lets at least call it like it is....

We're on a break blogger - its best for both of us.

So for now....