Monday, July 27, 2009

Is It In The Water?

Be forewarned...this post talks about "womanly things" if you would rather be spared- skip this post!

Last Wednesday my assistant and I were winding down at the end of a work day.

Per the usual we were chatting away about life and the day to day blah, blah, blah when somehow the subject of our monthly visits came up.

I casually mentioned that I thought mine had begun last night because I had just the slightest bit of bleeding on the tp when I used the restroom but almost 24 hours had passed with nothing more significant. My assistant said the same thing had happened to her earlier in the week and then joked that maybe we're both pregnant. We laughed, we moved on.

Fast foward to today -after still not starting my period over the weekend ( also no more spotting on the tp) I told my assistant that she had made me a nervous wreck and that she had me worried that I might be pregnant.

She froze in her tracks, looked me dead in the face and said;

"Well I am, that would make two of us"

She took a test this morning and it was positive.


I shared with Ben my worry and told him about my assistant via Blackberry- true to guy form he says;

"What does that have to do with you, you don't share a uterus"

I explained the spotting story similarities to which he used an emoticon to express his unease with the situation and then asked what I want to do.

Nothing. I don't want to do anything right now. I can't focus on work all I can think about is calculating my last period and whether I'm actually as late as I think that I am.

The last period I remember the start and end date for was in May - I KNOW I started on the 22nd EXACTLY and that I finished 5 days later.

I also know that I had a June period but can not remember the specifics. I do know that I was finished with it by the time I went to the NKOTB concert on the 27th.

I've been using my personal calendar and one of those online trackers to try to determine how many days late I am and I've figured I'm between 4 and 10 days late. By one account I should have started on the 17th and another I should've started by the 24th so I guess we're in a gray area.

I will be taking a test within the next 24 hours regardless though. If I wasn't completely turned on my ear by our conversation last week, assistant telling me that she is in fact is pregnant today- totally did the job.

Oddly enough though while cleaning out the linen closet yesterday I came across the companion to an ept bought over a year ago when I was tummy sick and thought I could be pregnant (though I hadn't missed a period). I didn't even know I had one- guess the timing there couldn't be better- at least I don't have to go out and buy one. But the irony of finding it yesterday...ugh....hope its not an omen.

Like I've always said, if I am, I am - it might be the end to our big blow out wedding- but Ben and I are planning on starting a family not too far off into the after-wedding future anyway- so I guess we would just be starting a little sooner than expected.

Of course I would prefer that it not be now....

But you know what they say: Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans

Stay Tuned

(Note: I am also hoping that by posting this, my body will make a liar out of me and I will start like.....right now....we shall see)


Rachel Ann said...

I'm sorry about chickfest. I was kind of shut out of all of the planning this year (I'll tall you more about that later) and didn't even get my own copy of the invite that I could've forwarded. I was kind of just told when to show up a month in advance.

Memphis Mama said...

Oh man! Keep us posted girl!