Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Clearly Have Issues

It seems that no matter where I am in life, I want to be at the place just beyond that.

When Ben and I were dating, I longed to move in together.

When we moved in together, I couldn't wait to get engaged.

Now that we're engaged, I'm so ready to get this wedding over with and just be married already!

I've kind of lost my enchantment with this whole wedding business. Don't get me wrong I'm still super excited but more or less I'm ready to get to it already! We've been so far away from it for so long that I've lost my inertia! I started out in full planning mode: booked the venue, bought the dress, arranged vendor appointments ... now ... bupkiss ... I barely think about it anymore.

But guess what!?!?!

Tomorrow marks 1 year exactly until I become Mrs. Ben Smith !!!!!

Woo! Hoo!

Maybe that will relight the fire under my behind and get me back into planning mode.

I sure hope so because right now I feel direction-less.

Maybe its time to register ... I mean it doesn't hurt to get a jump start does it?

Anywho...Ben is out watching Will's band play and I'm watching Mystic Pizza (can you believe I've never seen it?) so I'm off for now.

So glad the weekend is quickly approaching - so much fun stuff coming up!


Miss Amber Lane

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Rude Of Me

By the way...

The Honest Scrap Award was given to me by Nelle over at Lady Tells All.

In my semi- working state I completely forgot to credit her.

Thanks Nelle!

Honest Scrap

The rules for this award are to tell your readers 10 things about you that are true, that they might not know. Then you have to tag 10 other bloggers to do the same.

1. I'm of Cuban descent my dad's mom was born and raised in Cuba. Unfortunately I know very little about that part of my heritage as my father was not an active part of my life and then passed away during my senior year in high school.

2. I secretly love work days when my boss is not present: such as today!

3. I used to say everything that I thought without censorship. I've since learned to keep the majority to myself and let everyone else talk themselves into a mess while I mentally make all the snide comments that I want. Its hard to feel remorse for things no one ever knew you were thinking!

4. I am so ready to move from where Ben and I live now and into a bigger place. Problem is that we don't want to rent anymore after this so the next move will be into a home that we buy. Problem is, Ben is still laid off and my credit is still bulking up from the wreck that it was in short- we're stuck.

5. I long to be crafty and put my handiworks to good use either for sale or just around my home for decoration. The problem is that I have absolutely no patience and need instant gratification so most of my projects turn out crappy.

6. I have a deep down conviction that I am meant for big things - at some point in my life I am completely convinced that I will gain some type of noteriety for something. Just don't know what. Mayhaps I will write an epic novel someday... riiiight.

7. I'm SERIOUSLY considering fleeing the work place to go to the pool or at the very least go home and do laundry - I would rather be anywhere but here right now.

8. I'm bored with the state of things right now. Its been two years since I've been out of school and I kind of miss it - especially things like creative writing classes and musicals and clubs ... I need to figure out a way to get involved now - out of school.

9. I desperately need a pedicure right now ---DESPERATELY

10. I'm obsessed with things that smell good: laundry detergent, soaps, candles, carpet fresh, sachets, etc. etc. etc. and buy them in excess....I especially love all things Yankee.

I'm at work and really can't tag anyone right now - so if you're reading this and it sounds fun consider yourself tagged!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm In Trouble

Last night I had a sexy dream about this guy:

Alexander Skarsgard....

But not like that....

No, I dreamed about him like this:

(as Eric from True Blood)

And it was hot.

All strength, sweat, and fangs. I woke up like, woah.

Now I know vampires are all the rage right now - but seriously a dream about sex with a vampire?Mayhaps I should no longer watch True Blood before bed.

Or mayhaps I should watch more....

After all it was ONLY a dream.

Oh and for those of you who are not privvy to True Blood - its like Twilight for grown up girls. Very bloody, very sexy, in short - I love it.

In other news: Alexander should always wear his hair long - at least in my opinion - his short hair just about ruins his sex appeal - at least to me but I've always had a thing for tall, muscular men, with long hair and chisled features. Ask anyone who knows me- I definitely have a type.

At least in my fantasy life. In real life I have a Boo.

And that's even better.

Now- moving forward I promise my posts about celebrities and former celebrities (NKOTB) will soon stop- I realize I sound a bit crazed these days - but my everyday existance is a bit dull of late but are sure to pick up soon; as we will very shortly be less than a year from the wedding- FINALLY!

OK I'm blogging illegally at work so I better run!


Miss Amber Lane

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just A Self Indulgent Thought

In the last few moments I've been reading some of the blogs that I follow and I have this to say:

I'm so glad I know how to give myself a break.

So many of the blogs that I read focus on weight loss - which is great! Its a way to stay motivated and accountable to yourself.

What gets me is the games that these ladies play with themselves. They want to lose 10 lbs and then they'll get into a two piece swim suit, then they'll buy a dress that the like, then they'll get together with a friend that they haven't seen since they were smaller....etc.

Rewards are good - I like rewards especially if you're working hard towards a goal.

The problem is- once those 10 lbs are gone its another 10 lbs before that swim suit, before lunch with that friend.

I don't have a perfect body.

I definitely want to shape up my arms and widdle my waist some before wedding day.

But I'll tell ya what - I'm not going to let a little extra "love" in my middle or non toned arms stand between me and my tan and I'm not EVER going to apologize to anyone if they happen to think my body isn't bikini perfect --- and ladies its not.

But the best part is? I actually love my body - when it has extra lbs and when its smaller, when its pale and when its tanned (but more when its tanned).

My body may get sick from time to time or get a broken bone every now and then. It may gain too much weight sometimes and drink too much at others but its the only one of I got.

Sometimes I treat it like a temple and sometimes I treat it like a landfill- it really depends on my mood.

Some of you out there think that skinny is the only way to go - and you project that on your selves and that's fine just like some of us prefer blonde over brunette or coke over pepsi. But stop beating yourselves up and denying yourselves the pleasures in life.

When its all said and done I promise you that no one speaking at your funeral is going to say
Here Lies X she had super tight abs or a cellulite ridden ass or just couldn't lose those last 10 lbs.

They are going to talk about how you lived, your spirit, your joy, your legacy so its my advice to get out there, make those things happen and give yourselves a break.

And 100 extra cool points if you do it in a two piece.

"Life is Happiness Indeed" - Voltaire

One Week From Today.....

I will be nursing a hangover from too much wine and too much screaming

at the ....



I bought the tickets yesterday and Megan who I had been unable to reach previously is just as excited to be going as I am!

Are seats are descent (as far as I can gather) and they're in the VIP section so they cost me a little bit more but I just couldn't stomach way back lawn seats -- which I found out that three more of our friends are going to be in on Saturday.....

So we're all going to be getting together pre- concert to get our drink on - the other girls are trying to get me to dress 80's but I'm not sure its appropriate to dress "period" if you actually were alive in that period.

Besides when I figure out a way to get backstage I don't want the guys to think I'm one of those nutso fans who are stuck in the past......

lol - I'm not really going to try to sneak backstage.....

I'm going to try to find a way to do it legitimately .....

We shall see.

In other news I'm nursing a hangover today from too many gin and tonics at our friend Meghan's birthday party. It was a blast. The night before we went and heard our friend Will'd band play. So its been a pretty eventful weekend including a day of pool lounging yesterday by moi!

I wish I had pictures to show you of any of these things but the flash on my camera is broken. I'm going to have to get a new camera before next weekend...

There must be pictures of NKOTB....

There must!

Welp today is father's day and I'm without one of those so it looks like I'm going to be spending the day solo - but I'm cool with that sometimes nothing beats alone time!

Happy Father's Day to the rest of ya's!

Miss Amber Lane