Monday, January 4, 2010


So I'm listening to the radio while I'm working right now and the station I listen to regularly does a segment every morning call: News That Didn't Make The News. This morning one of their topics didn't make a lick of sense to me. You tell me if it makes sense to you:

"The average shoe size for women has increased due to obesity"

Ok fine that makes sense- you're foot size does change when your body size changes and with things like pregnancy.


Here is the part that doesn't make sense:

"10 years agot the average shoe size for a woman was a size 5 - now it is a size 6"

Say what?!?! I know no one excpept tiny women under five feet tall that wear a 6 or below. I occasionaly wear a 6.5 (more frequently a 7 is more comfy) as do a couple of my friends. One of those friends is comfortably in the 130s and one of those friends is over the 200 mark - and I fall somewhere between them. We all wear approximately the same size shoe and we're all significantly different weights.

Yet I know skinny, skinny women who wear size 9s.

Sounds to me like this story is grade A bullshit.

I'm just saying.

And why are they just targeting women with this one? Yes this country has a growing problem with obesity- but it sure the hell isn't just women. Men have widening asses too.

Seem to me its just another way society/the media is attempting to make women feel like crap about themselves.

Hmph! Now I'm going to have to look at my size 6.5 croc boot covered tootsies and know that society considers them above average size.

My feet are "chubby" .... sniff.