Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Before Sweet Dreams

Today was a decidedly good day.

It was one of those work days where I felt successful and accomplished.

Today For Work I :
-Trained a new volunteer
-Prepared and led a successful craft
-Sent Monte Carlo Night Invitations to the publisher
-Lunched with a volunteer, my assistant, and a nun at Skyline
-(Finally) had prints made of months worth of digital photos and began archiving them
-Had great conversations and interactions with my residents
-Kept a level head when we were told that no managers will be receiving bonus checks this year due to financial cut-backs and that all managers are being reduced to a 2% raise across the board and will not be receiving it until at least June (instead of this pay period).
- Attended a dinner meeting after work and ate yummy grilled tuna and drank a dirty martini amongst co-workers

After dinner I came home to an empty house and a dining room table covered in roses. Bennyboo went to the grocery today and out of his pure love and devotion for me he picked up a dozen roses in red and a dozen roses in a delicious peachy-pink color- just cuz'. Isn't that lovely?
He also vacuumed, mopped, washed dishes, and cleaned out the fridge. I could certainly get used to this "house fiance'" thing if he keeps it up!

Ben arrived home shortly after picking up dinner for himself at a local eatery. He dined while we watched jeopardy together and I flipped through the March Playboy. I then watched some DVRd shows and arranged my flowers into vases while Ben "threw dots" in WOW (if anyone else has a sig. other who is a gamer..you know what I'm talking about!)

Well I came up here twenty minutes ago to hit the hay early and I seem to be right in line with my regular 11pm bedtime.

Tomorow is sure to be a long day. First of all the weather is set to drop 25+ degrees from today so that should cause a wonderful sinus jubilee- that aside though I have no time to slow down. Flower arranging club begins promptly at 9am which means I need to be there no later than 8:30 to set up. At 9:30 or so we are scheduled to depart for a flower show at our local conservatory which will take up the morning into the early afternoon, then I have to get people off to mass, down for social and be on my way out the door for a MUCH needed hair appointment! And its my assistant's off day so its going to be a busy one!

Good news though- I'm off Saturday and Sunday of course, then I'm working Monday and then taking Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as vacation days - then because I'm MOD this weekend I'm off Friday so its almost like a full week's (minus the Monday blip) vacation with only three days used! It will be blissful and relaxing (well with the exception of St. Patty's Day when I planned to get blitzed on green gin and tonics) and I just can't wait! In that time Bennyboo and I plan to have meetings with potential wedding venues- then- let the planning begin!

Ok I've been putting the beddy by off...here I go! Nighty night!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: accomplished, fulfilled, excited

Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the Up Swing

Le Sigh.

(That's a sigh of relief)

I am FINALLY starting to feel better. The pressure in my head is gone, the congestion in my chest is loosening its hold on me and I've spent to the morning vertical- a pleasant change from yesterday when I spent the entire day on the couch alternating between watching movies and lying idle with one of those rice-filled, microwavable heating pouches over my throbbing face.

Well, except for when Bennyboo petulantly demanded I get up and go with him to get dinner because he was sick of being at home. We ate at Skyline (Cincinnati chili for those who don't know!) and then came back home for more couch laying before I swallowed my sleeping serum- AKA Nyquil and passed out cold. I'm for serious- falling asleep when taking Nyquil isn't like falling asleep its like turning to butter and melting into the bed. Last night was my last Nyquil night though- as I have every intention of going to work tomorrow and unfortunately it zombifies me the next day if I don't get to sleep until I naturally wake up.

So hopefully I will continue to get better until I am back to normal. Also hopefully this is the only time I suffer from this, this spring. Unfortunately spring is when I suffer from sickness the most which sucks because spring is perfectly lovely otherwise.

Today we are going to my sister's house to celebrate both nephews birthdays... being cousins born (2 years and) a month apart means having to share your birthday apparantly sucks for them. Hopefully my "well-ness" lasts through the entirety of the gathering.

Well Ben wants to hit Target before we go so I must run!

Tata For Now!

Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Improving, Run Down, Relaxed