Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Morning Its Monday

So I have a debacle.

Today is Monday+ I am only working Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday this week+ my boss is on vacation all this week = I am going to be battling some major slack-a-lackin these next three days!

Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking about when I plan my long weekends. I believe its that if I take long weekends rather than whole weeks on vacation that I will save more time for the honeymoon/other weddings that I am in and won't end up feeling like I work non stop.

What I fail to recognize however, is that only working a three day week lends to restlessness, un-productiveness, and maybe I should just start taking the whole week off yes?

Anyhow this weekend ended up working out better than I had thought when I posted on Saturday afternoon. Jess slept until about 7pm but then when she awoke it was almost like she was never sick at all! The antibiotics they gave her were miracle workers! So we still went out (though Jess only had one drink) and had a good time. Sunday we went out for brunch then to have Jess try and pay for her bridesmaids dress ---- apparantly there is a very good chance that the two dresses I have selected will be on Mori Lee's discontinue list this summer so we had to go ahead and get the "party started".

This means that I will have the unfortunate task of informing my other maids that though the wedding is still 11 months away they are going to have to get prepared to pony up the money for the dresses sooner than later. I probably won't encounter any problems with this, other than Megan who is getting married herself in October and is scraping all her pennies together for her own wedding right now. Oh well. If push comes to shove- I'll buy hers and she can pay me back.

So that in a nutshell was my weekend. Jess left around 2pm on Sunday to head back to Cleveland. I cleaned and watched movies before Emily came over for our Sunday night True Blood (this season is really heating up! You should watch!)

Now I am at work and really feeling like not being at work but I dug this grave so I guess I'll lie in it.

For now.....

Miss Amber Lane

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