Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday Bummer

So for like ever now I've been planning to have my hair colored, cut, and up do'd (practice for the wedding I swear) on Saturday the 8th (it is my birthday after all) so it would be all pretty to go out Saturday night.

In my mind I'm thinking- I'll get my hair did, have a pedicure and then go and have my drivers liscense renewed ( the big quarter century to-do list) before hitting the town with my friends.

When I shared this schedule with my sister she informed me that I would have a heck of a time getting my liscense when the BMV is closed on Saturday.

Strike 1.

So I adjusted my thinking and figured that I would have my hair done on Thursday before the family birthday dinner. Just nowI called my salon to schedule the appointment only to discover that my girl is going to be on vacation....the whole week! Not only that but she can't even fit me in for a color before her vacation starts!

Strike 2.

Its frustrating but I made an appointment with another girl who works at the salon (baby can't have dark roots for her very special birthday).

I gots to tell ya- my hair is very nervous. I'm faithful to my stylist 100% and the thought of someone else doing my hair is nervewrecking.

But, I'm going to get over myself and have my hair done by this other gal who comes highly recommended. Hopefully it turns out better than ok.... awesome!

So there's my Thursday afternoon dillemma. That and I would rather be doing anything right now than being at work. This week can not end quickly enough.

Oh well.

Bye Bye For Now

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