Friday, October 9, 2009


Does blogger ever F with anyone else?

I mean I am deep in blog catch up mode (yes on a Friday night- you can call me lame ass if you want but I'm happy as a clam!) when I click on the next subscription I want to read and it starts taking too long to load and the next thing you know I get an error message! This happens often too and it bums me out! How am I ever going to catch up like this?!?!!

I vow never to get this stinkin' behind again- so help me!

Tonight has been wonderful PS....catching up with recorded TV, catching up with blogger, dinner and a back massage with Boo, and the realization that when I go to bed tonight I need not set any clock because I have no plans tomorrow!

Of course Ma Mere does want me to go to some garlic festival with her an hour away tomorrow but I think I made it pretty darn clear that I'm not digging it!

Anyhow, tomorrow day I'm planning to stay pretty low key then tomorrow night its an excursion for Jen's bday (although to be quite honest I'm planning to make a cameo, have a beverage and be on my way).

Sunday its the Bengals vs. Ravens for 1st place in the AFC North!

I plan to post for todays Kelly's Korner Sunday evening (I didn't plan ahead well)

I'm also planning a post on my latest beauty booty ( super cheap from Walgreens PS!)

But for now....

I am planning night night time (Yes, at 10:30 on a with it)

Sleep tight ladies (and gents if there are any)

Miss Amber Lane

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Stinkin' Busy

I am like DAYS behind on reading almost any of my beloved blogs. I've peeked in on a few just in passing and have tried to comment but its just not working.

What's got me so behind? Well....

Thankfully, after the festival took place my work life has slowed way down. Alas, I am gearing up for Megan's wedding and have been in whirlwind mode performing BFF duties.

Remember how I've mentioned the MOH has been dropping the ball? Well night before last Megan asked me to write a speech to deliver at the reception because she is so disenchanted with her cousin (who is the MOH btw). So night before last I spent my evening drafting my speech. Now I've got to go in and edit. I of course will certainly share with you fine ladies when it is written.

Then last night when I arrived home from work I immediately grabbed my dress and shoes and went to have my dress fitted. It was a quick appt. so I came home hoping for a few moments of peace and quiet before my next task when Ben's mom showed up unannounced. I sat and chatted with her for about 30 minutes before I heard a double honk outside indicating Megan was there to pick me up for her hair trial.

We went to that (her hair is going to be stunning btw) and by the time I got home it was already 9:30. Ben and I watched Glee and went to bed!

Whew. 9 days and counting! I am so glad to be sharing this time with her but will also be so glad when its over (and I don't feel bad for saying that because she feels the same way)! We are deep in weddings over here: Meg's is October 17, then our friend Lindseys is in April, my assistant's is in May, Mine is in June, our friend Ashley is having a "real wedding" (she married in a civil service several years ago) in August, and my friend Rachel's is October 16th of next year! It really is going to be the year of weddings almost to the date exactly.

Then it will be babies. I

It never ends does it?

So I am hoping to catch up on reading/commenting tonight while I catch up with my DVRd shows. I try to catch up on my lunch breaks at work but my work computer generally has a melt down and I end up having to reboot the whole darn thing! is everyone else? Enjoying the fall weather? I don't know it is in other parts of the world but in Southern Ohio we've jumped immediately to super chilly weather- I hope its not an indication of a rough winter to come!

Gotta run for now!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

Monday, October 5, 2009

This Weekend I ...


Successfully threw a "Country Living" festival at my work and got my boo and Ma Mere to run sno cone and cotton candy machines to help a sistah out.... and I of course dressed the part...

I got to snuggle with the softest, sweetest bunny ever....

Then I got to help my bff celebrate her last night out as a single lady by...

Catching up with some girlfriends

Making a new friend through bachlorette party dares.

Sharing a yummy garlic, pasta dish with the bride at Bar Louie

Accidentally breaking a wine glass before exiting the establishment...

And all together drinking too much and having a kick ass time...

(before getting my heel stuck in the deck at bar number 3, falling on my butt, getting laughed at by a table of strangers, crying and then catching a ride back to the hotel a smidge early to take my drunk ass to bed).

The bride clearly enjoyed herself as well.....


after the party I spent the day sleeping and watching the Bengals (finally) beat the Browns in the last few seconds of overtime. Putting the Bengals in a tie for first place. Who Dey.

Monday I was finally rid of the hangover funk and had a day date with the boo:

We ate at IHizop

And caught a noon showing of the Toy Story double feature in 3D.

When we got home I cleaned, cooked dinner, rediscovered my velcro rollers....

And last but not least tried out my new beauty loot courtesy of Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant (thanks again lady!)

In all it was a fun-filled, too quickly passing weekend. Only four days in this work week followed by another weekend to celebrate my friend Jen's bday and catch some r&r before Meg's big day on the 17th. Then just three short days before Megan's wedding festivities begin!

I can't believe my best friend is getting married:

Time Flies.

Hope your weekends were fab!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.
Max Frisch