Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Give Yourself a Break Kid

I'm in one of those moods right now where, if I allowed myself, I could totally pick my self - no scratch that- MY ENTIRE LIFE to shreds and Mexican Hat Dance on the remains.

Perhaps this has something to do with my 6am wake up and 6:45 departure for my meeting. Perhaps it has even more to do with my looming visit from Auntie F- which may be the reason why I devoured the saltiest, chocolaty- est food possible today making that the third possible reason for my desire for self defamation at the given moment.

I'm not going to do it though - I'm not going to do it.

While finishing my winter/summer clothing change over before bed- I am not going to try on any more "skinny day" pants and push on my little muffin top from too much sodium intake aka PMB (pre-menstrual bloat).

I'm not going to stare at my bare legs and berate myself for not shaving everyday or be pissy because I sport scars from my days of hardcore outdoor play as a child.

I am not going to grump about getting rid of most of my summer clothes because I believe a lady of my age and profession (and bust size and soon-to-be changing marital status) needs to cover up, up top a bit more and show a little less hiney - not to mention that some of the tops I'm putting in the Goodwill bin, I've had since freshman year in college- AND I'm not going to feel sad because I haven't had the time/money to overhaul since that time.

I'm not going to stare at my dark roots in the mirror and curse Saturday's cut and color for being so far away.

I'm not going to do it.


Instead, I'm going to finish my episode of Sex & The City, grab a nice tall glass of ice water, and take my ass to bed thinking I'm nothing other than the fabulous, intelligent, hot, woman that I am.

And that's alls I gots to say about that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just A Quick Note

I hate traveling for work when said travel is to two + hours long, it must be driven alone, and sleepy bombshells must arrive prior to 9am - fighting rush hour traffic and her tendencies to got lost/frustrated/ anxious when going some place new by her lonesome.

Business calls Wednesday- I have to travel 2+ hours to a meeting that only runs from 9am- 1pm and then drive 2 + hours back- what does it tell you when the travel lasts as long as the meeting- it means its a waste of time and money. I'm just saying.

Not to mention in order to achieve prompt arrival I'm going to have to get up at like 5:30 in the morning.

Not a fan.


8 Things Game

I wasn't technically tagged but Memphis Mama tagged anyone who wanted to play and I did so here it is:

The 8 Game

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Shawdee's visit this weekend for wedding planning fun (and just plan fun)!!!!
Becoming Mrs. Ben Smith in June of 2010!!!
Registering for gifts!!!
Swimming this summer and tanning!!!
Having my hair colored in the coming week!!!
The Sims 3 coming out this June - yep I'm flying my nerd flag
Shawdee having a big announcement to make next month!
Having boudoir pictures taken

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Went to work
Ate at Applebees
Cocktails with Bennyboo
Slept with our bedroom windows open
Watched Wife dvrd Wife Swap
Flat ironed my hair

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

Have a budget-less wedding
Go on a nice long vacation somewhere amazing
Buy a brand new car, wardrobe, etc.
Fast forward to next June
Ballroom Dance like a pro.
Work only when I want to (yeah- like that would ever happen)
Travel any time I want to
Speak another language fluently

8 Shows I Watch
Desperate Housewives
Greys Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Samantha Who
The Girls Next Door
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Dancing With The Stars

(and SOOOOOOO many more)

I tag anyone who wants to play!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Woes of Being a Woman

Isn't it lovely how once a month your body totally turns on you. 

Your body feels like jell-o, the color of your skin seems to sallow, and you swear to god that one boob has swollen up to the size of a watermelon while the other shrinks up in defeat.

Your clothes fit a bit tighter, the untoned parts of your body seem to be extra untoned, tiny white stretch marks usually unnoticed appear to darken and appendages ache just enough to irritate you but not enough to really warrant complaining. 

Things that you normally wouldnt give a thought to make you want to scream, your frisky as hell but your sig. other annoys the life out of you just by being present, and a night at home in sweat pants sounds a hell of a lot better than buttoning your jeans and leaving the house. 

That's right my friends- its PMS and it sucks. 

I feel about 0% good about myself right now. Its a good thing I'm off tomorrow and Bennyboo is making me go out drinking.... that should help the blown up like a balloon feeling.



Rainy Sunday

Its a dreary, rainy day in the Natti. Very much unlike yesterday when the sun was shining and the temps. were lovely and in the low 70s.

Yesterday after work I drove full speed ahead to the home front with windows down and the sun streaming through the windows. Ben and I had a "home cooked" meal at a local eatery then came home and vegged on the couch before Ben went out with friends to B-Dubs to watch the UFC fight and I climbed up to bed because as I mentioned earlier- I work this weekend.

I am manager-ing on duty by sitting at my desk and blogging - such a responsible professional!


Ok- actually I am on my lunch break so I guess I am a little bit responsible.

Tomorrow I am off and plan to spend time doing laundry and meeting with potential DJs for our wedding.

We are still interviewing photographers as well but they are giving me the biggest headache so I have decided to try tackling something a little less outlandishly priced and that I won't regret forever if I chose the wrong one.

The Dj sucks? Kick him out and hook up your IPod.

The photographer sucks? Tell your kids and grandkids sorry that you don't have any wedding photos to show them but your overpriced photographer wouldn't sell you the rights to the pictures and they charged to much for prints.


I have made some fantastic and inexpensive decisions however.

A#1: One of my bffs and bridesmaids: Rachel (aka Shawdee) and I were doing some on-line research and chatting via AIM (Shawdee is in Louisiana) and we came up with a fab DIY program that we are hopefully going to do a mock up of next weekend during Shawdee's visit. Pictures of the on-line example are forth-coming.

A#2: I've decided that I am also going to design our guest book myself. Either by using the fantastic resources made available at our local Archivers or by using this fantastic website! There, we can use our own pictures to publish a hard back keepsake book for our guests to sign- much better than some fancy, over priced book that would surely get shoved in a drawer somewhere and cheaper than having your photographer put one together. I'm also thinking of using this company to make my attendants something special.

So you see, progress does get made even if I complain about how stressed I am about certain aspects of things.

I am not a bridezilla ladies I assure you, the thing is: I'm a planner: in personality and by profession and I like my projects always to be in constant motion-even if sometimes that means I'm simply sitting and visualizing things on paper ( I think of it as a means to alleviate stress).
I am very familiar with planning events because thats a big part of my profession. The biggest difference is- this time I'm doing it with my own money- and honey it is not in abundance. So forgive me if I become redunandt and never seem to be able to post about anything other than the wedding and PLEASE those of you who have been through this process before- feel free to solicit advice - I welcome and love it!

Anyway- lunch over. Gotta run!


Miss Amber Lane