Friday, November 8, 2013

Explaining My Absence

 (As though anyone still cares!)

I have been super absent since I started my new job and I am painfully aware. Sometimes I really miss writing here but I feel as though I have nothing super exciting or special to share. I've done some stellar, amazing things in the past couple of months: a trip to LA, back stage at The Pretty Reckless concert, hung out with pro-wrestlers (not my thing either but it was super fun) but I feel like none of them are that awesome to talk about if you don't share pictures and while I do have tons and tons of pictures I try to be as discreet as possible when sharing them. If you go back 3+ years and read my posts you will see nothing but pictures galore - but now, I dunno - I feel super protective of my life and the people in it. I don't know for sure what prompted the change within me but while I don't mind sharing myself - I am super protective of the people I share my life with. You will NEVER, EVER see pictures of The Rockstar's children here - I will never discuss the details of their lives. They deserve their privacy - our moments with them are ours and while I do not at all look down on those who openly share their children with the bloggernets this is not something that I will do. For starters they aren't "mine" to make that decision for but I don't think I would choose to do so even if they were. As far as my discretion with posts about my relationship and sharing pics of he and I together- there's a couple of reasons for that. Relationships are fragile and take so much hard work, love, and patience- sharing the details of that even just in asking for advice on small matters - I feel detracts from the trust within that relationship. I never want to share here things that I haven't already discussed with him or to ever come across as though I am speaking of him without the respect he deserves. Sadly, this is not something I always understood (again see old posts). Its important to me to put him first. The other reason - at least locally, we are in the public eye. We have made a name for ourselves as a musical duo and I can't allow for anything to hinder that in any way. Our friends, family, and musician friends know our relationship status but we don't advertise our relationship when playing shows - and trust me that works out for us- people are curious as to what our story is - we don't tell them, we don't disrespect the other we just let it become part of the intrigue. All of this, I feel like this makes for very boring posts.

I still read all of my favorite blogs. I'm not gone! Hope everyone is doing well!

Have a great weekend!