Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Never Works Out That Easy

At least not for me....

So a mere 3 hours after completing my e-file I get an email from the IRS letting me know that my return has been rejected because the "signature" (read: my previous year's AGI that I was asked to enter for verification) didn't match what they have on record. So I pull out my last year's tax return and enter it again- it takes me 25 minutes to figure out how to resubmit it while I'm also on hold with Turbo Tax for 30 minutes to ask what the problem is (cause I coulda sworn I entered that number to start with) only to be told that I have to call the IRS to verify the number or I could just try to resubmit again and that its actually the IRS accepting or denying and I need to ask them- but I also got the lovely reassurance that EVERYONE is having this problem since this is the first year that they have made it mandatory to e sign as opposed to printing a signature page.


Can't I just get my money and call it a day?

So I did resubmit with the number on my form from last year- hopefully I just entered it incorrectly. If that doesn't work guess who will be spending her off day Monday on hold with the IRS.... yep. And if that doesn't work - first of all the IRS must be on crack because if they won't accept their own figures and that means there has got to be some shit going on.- and second that means I will be forced to file by mail (and wait 1.5-2 months to receive my refund) yet still be charged for efiling per Stephanie at Turbo Tax.


Anyway- another weekend day of work ahead tomorrow so I'm going to bed. I'll probably know by the time I wake up in the morning if I've been denied again.

Shrug. I'll figure it out- I always do.


I has a money

Or at least I will! I just filed my 2008 tax return...go me! And though adding my other W-2 did lower my return slightly I am still going to get a fun little chunk of change. Yay!

Oh I love how tax return time means a big refund to me right now- I know someday I'll be paying "the man" because hopefully I'll be making more mula on a regular basis- but right now I'm enjoying the extra fundage! So in a week or so just call me money bags!

I will definitely be putting a lot of it to bills but I do have to spoil myself as well new makeup wardrobe, new clothing wardrobe, vacation fund, spa day....but for a while I may let it sit in the old bank account just to feel that little extra security for once.

Anyhow- gotta run to the bank and deposit a check then grab a bite to eat and pick up some girly necessities at the drug store. I'm off!

Miss Amber Lane

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Tummy Troubles Etc.

Back in December I caught that virus that everyone caught. You know the one... the one that your best friend told you the funny story about her having to sit on her throne while simultaneously perching the bathroom trash can on her lap to release her lunch (and the last month's lunches) from both unfortunate regions...only me? Well chances are you, or someone you know had it, and it wasn't pretty. 

In my case it lasted for three miserable days of throne sitting, couch laying, and noodle soup eating. It was terrible. But now a month and a half later I still don't feel like like I have quite recovered from it. I mean that can't be possible can it? I mean, I don't feel sick at all its just that the smallest things send me running to the bathroom- and that's quite unfortunate because I have stage fright and refuse to go in public places. Yuck. But spicy food and a little too much food or greasy food and there I am: throne sitting again. Today after eating Mexican food out with family- my problem reared its head again. I know that no one really wants to here about my potty perils but its just had me thinking: Is it really taking me quite a long time to recover or is it simply because I/ my body is changing? 

I find that over the past year that more and more often I'm thinking: I didn't used to be this way, feel this way- but I do now. I didn't used to get car sick easily-but I do now. I didn't used to have a fear of small spaces-but I do now. I didn't used to go to bed before 11am- but I do now. I didn't used to need glasses to drive- but I do now.

 I read somewhere that every so many years your tastes change because your body has changed but google won't give me answers now on that. I'm just curious is all. 

Like I mentioned earlier I went out for lunch with family today for Mexican food. My Aunt Connie whom I haven't seen since my grandpa's funeral in 2004 was in town so my mom, sister Diana, my Aunt Becky and I met my Aunt Connie and cousin Cindy for lunch to visit and catch up. It was nice but as I said- my chimi and margarita didn't agree with me. After lunch I went tanning and came back home. Jeesh for that being all I did today it sure took up a heck of a lot of time....must be because I had to drive 45 minutes each way to get there and back. Oy.

My stomach ailments have got me thinking a lot more about my mid section again lately as well. I'm not a fat girl but I am a bit more voluptuous than I care to be for the long haul and as I clearly saw today looking at my two Aunts, mommy, and cousin (stupid sissy just lost 20 lbs so she doesn't count) genetically speaking I'm predisposed to be thick in the middle even if all my appendages are skinny. I'm not sure what method I'm going to take to widdle the waist...probably something along the lines of eat less, work out more but I may use some kind of plan (ww, alli, diet fuel) as an aid. Haven't decided. I just know that I want to be hotty patotty in my bridesmaid dress in September for Meggie's wedding....that and I'm hoping that its not too much longer before I'm picking out my own wedding dress tyvm! Ben and my five year dating anniversary is next month and he has already said he has something special in mind...maybe this will (finally) be it. But then again maybe not so no more talk about it lest it never happens and I end up feeling like a complete horses arse for posting this!


Tomorrow I work and Sunday as well.- then Monday I am off again. MOD weekend does kind of suck in the respect that I'm not off with Bennyboo at all and I don't really get to do much of anything with anyone- but then again its also kind of nice because only one other manager is in the building with me and I can get a lot more work done with a lot less distractions. Because I get to make my own schedule, I'm thining I'll go in early and leave early both days. If I go in at 7am I can get off by 3:30 and then the day doesn't feel so long. Welp, Ben should be home anytime now so I'm going to run along. Geez I just realized I've been writing here since before dark and as the sun set and I didn't turn any lights on this place is almost pitch black! Creepy. Ok off to turn on lights and get on with the evening. 

Have a great weekend!


Miss Amber Lane

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight in my annual tradition of shocking and amazing my friends I started on my taxes- I logged into Turbo Tax and entered my information thus far: 1 W-2 and my 1098-E forms (damn job changing mid-year and still waiting on the W-2 with only four months of wages on it!) and was pleasantly surprised to see the "refund-o-meter" roll into quadruple digits several times over. I know that its probably too good to be true and when I get my other W-2 even though its a meager wage from the work I did prior to my "big girl" job- It will probably magically roll into another tax bracket and all that money will go bye-bye. Know this though I do I can't help but start to day dream about having that extra chunk of change in my weeping bank account. How nice it would be to pay off some high cc bills, or buy out of my shitty Sprint contract, or buy a new spring wardrobe, or go on vacation, or buy a plane ticket to Louisiana to visit Rachel or Tucson to visit Jessica, or save for someday when Ben (if Ben) ever pops the question. Oh, it would be so wonderful.

Le sigh. But like most things- its probably way to good to be true. I won't get pessimistic but I'm also not going to get too excited about it either. Not until the other form is entered and the final number stays on the screen even after Turbo Tax checks for errors. Then I will be happy.

In other news- today was good. Work: My assistant was off so my day was jam packed- including taking a ladies group out to lunch, training a new volunteer, scheduling free hearing tests and a group of elementary students to come visit, arranging flowers, pulling a cat out from under the sofa, going over calendar printing logistics with our new calendar company rearranging tables in the activity room, organizing the rest of the months schedule and attempting to finalize next months, and all out trying to be the perky champagne bubble about work for residents, staff, and visitors alike. Its exhausting to be this girl all the time!
Home: Ben had Pizza Hut waiting when I got home and Dr. Pepper which I never drink but for some reason have been guzzling by the glass full. I don't drink pop period anymore but for some reason tonight its calling my name! We ate together and watched tivo'd Ellen on the inauguration (what an amazing day by the way- I don't think I've ever been so proud or moved in my life!) and tonight's Jeopardy. Then Ben moved over to the desk top to play around and I cleaned a bit while watching tivo'd Big Love before getting on the laptop at the dining room table to work on taxes. Now we're here just before I go beddy by.

Tomorrow I teach a class on the Activities Program to new hires. Friday I'm off before a weekend of MOD-ing (Manager on Duty). I have no off day or weekend plans. What a bummer.

Oh well. I'm happy anyhow!


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Hopefull, Accomplished, and Happy

Monday, January 19, 2009

Laundry List of Loves

Victoria's Secret Lather Me With Love Bath and Shower Bubbles. I can't even begin to describe how yummy this smells and how well it lathers and bubbles. In a hot shower its the best.

 Aveda's Shampure Shampoo. Pure and simple. It's the cre'me de la cre'me.

Catwalk Head Shot. Smells like candy and leaves my hair silky and soft.

Aveda again. Puffs my hair right up. I heart big hair. I mean really heart big hair.
Fekki coiff finishing creme. Smells like soft sweet flowers and leaves my hair polished- not sticky.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser- cleans up any acne I have ASAPand smells light and soapy 
Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser- A Lazy (or drunk) girl's best friend- even gentle enough to use on your eyes to remove stubborn eye makeup.

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion: It feels like rubbing liquid silk on your body and smells heavenly but not overwhelming
Vaseline Total Moisture: A cheaper alternative to the Clarins it smells almost the same but not quite as lux feeling...a 2nd best.

I use this Neutrogena as my moisturizer around the time of my monthly visit when I'm more prone to acne flair ups. Its light and doesn't smell like medicine. It also has a cooling effect on dry skin or where there may be an itchy blemish.

Welleda Wild Rose day cream...smells like I've died and gone to Rose Heaven. I use this yummy moisturizer when I have no blemish issues.

Again...for any blemish issues I may have. I use this after moisturizing on any trouble spots and it zaps it right up!

You've all heard that photo finish primer is the best...and it is.... makes foundation go on smooth and I highly recommend it!

My face always looks radiant when I wear Clarins True Comfort. Its the lightest full coverage I've found. A bit pricy at nearly $40.00 but it lasts forever and its so worth it. Honestly, my skin glows!

This isn't my exact shade or pallate but I use Smashbox bronzer and powder dual compact and I love it. I also love the many kits Smashbox has started putting out in their Master Class series. Amazing products with the expertise to help you know how to use them fully.

This Stila lip and cheek stain should just be a cheek stain. On my lips I feel like the color slides right off...on my cheeks it gives me a "I just had an orgasm" glow. 

I have this Smashbox dual liner and color in one in Sugar & Spice I have to use it with a heavy hand but when its on the color is rich and I always get compliments!

Very Sexy Gloss. Its inexpensive and has flirty, sparkley colors. I gloss it over my Sugar & Spice and I'm ready to go.

Urban Decay Sustainable Eye Shadow Palatte: I'll be the first to admit I'm an eyeshadow palatte whore. This just so happens to be my latest purchase. The colors range from basic to fun and the primer allows you to use them as a light shimmer or hard impact pigment. I'm glad its part of my eyeshadow collection.

Douse me with Diamonds. I have it in white not pink and its awesome on the eyes beneath the brow bones or as a highlighter. Not pictured with my eye tools is my Anastasia brow kit or my eyeliner...I'm a black eyeliner slut and I'm not particular to any one brand.

And Last But Not Least:

Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara. I've tried them all: Maybelline, Diorshow, Lancome.... they're all fine but for the price and how awesome it makes my lashes look: Volume Exact Wins!

Clearly my time home alone today finally bored me to this post- but someday it will be fun to look back at these things I loved and wonder where I can get a tube of the "insert product here" that's since been discontinued!

Off to blow dry and make dinner!


Miss Amber Lane

Weekend Recap- In Short- Nothing

So being that both of my cameras simultaneously are experiencing some sort of defect that prevents me from photogging whatsoever- here is a sorta blurry of me in my new goggles taken via my cellular telluar. I've never had to wear glasses before but I think these are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself- and I can tell a MASSIVE difference in my vision while driving. So yay- one minor life crisis down at a time!

After my last post I gradually mellowed out. The bf offered me the mother of all back rubs so I of course took him up on that and it sure helped my mood alot. I don't remember much about the rest of the night-watched TV, read a little and was in bed by 10:30. 
Sunday we woke up early,cleaned, picked up the bare neccessities at the grocery and I made us a big breakfast complete with home made waffles (don't get too  excited the recipe consists of flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla and a waffle maker not too impressive).
Later, I met Jen and her family at BW3's to watch the Arizona/ Phili game...which I really could have cared less about...I mean Ben and My friend Will's cousin Darnell Dockett plays for AZ and the rumor is that Will is going to gift a Superbowl ticket upon the BF now that AZ is superbowl-bound...but we shall see. I stayed at Bdubs a little over an hour- just long enough to comsume the yummy mini corndogs that I didn't need but "just couldn't do without" then I went home and kept Ben and the couch company. 

Today I'm off for MLK Day which is nice but all I've done is watch old Desperate Housewife episodes on Lifetime and do laundry and dishes. I'm exciting I know. 

This weekend has really been very low key but sometimes I think that's for the best. My mood and my wallet need that from time to time.

Tonight is the return of House and Big Love + all the other Monday night TV that Ben and I watch.....Mondays were attached to the tube all night long but every other day of the week we barely even look at the TV there's nothing on.  Well with the exception of Sundays...Sundays are big too especially when Dexter and Californication are new. 

Sundays we watch: Rock of Love, Tool Academy, and Confessions of a Former Teen Idol (all started whilst nursing hangovers and not wanting to get up to find the remote) Dexter, Californication, Secret Diary of A Call Girl, The United States of Tara, The Girls Next Door, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters 

Mondays: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, House, 24, Samantha Who, Jon and Kate + 8, True Blood, Big Love

Thursday: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy (that's only me though)

Every other night...NOTHING. What we need to do is only watch one hour of tv a night and spread the recordings out over the rest of the week. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. 

I just have to face it- two nights a week we're tv junkies. Ce'st la vie. 

Well now that I sound like a COMPLETE TV addict..... I say good day!

This Week: 

Tues: Exit The Bush
Wed: Lunch out with ladies from work
Thurs: Teach Activity Class 
Friday: Off
Sat & Sun: Manager on Duty (gags...I guess one weekend a month to work isn't terrible)
Monday: Off
Thursday: Money!!!
Fri: Bro-in-laws Surprise Party

The next two weeks should be blissfully quiet with the odd excitement here or there- I'll take it.


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