Saturday, November 14, 2009

Santa Baby

Forget the sable under the tree

Here's the lust list 2009 - for me!

(Disclaimer: This list is completely in Amber Lane's day-dreaming blonde little brain - the author by no means expects fruition but welcomes donations of any of the following items)

( Santa - there's pretty much nothing that I would turn down in that pretty blue box!)

(This bag isn't necessarily my favorite Louis but I would take it- and I would take Scarlett as my new bff too - do you know Mrs. Ryan Reynolds Santa? )

(Yes, a bug is my dream car. Painted just like so. It may not be the height of luxury but I showed Boo this picture as I was posting it and he said to me, "yep that's exactly what you would look like if you were a car" so you see Santa- this car parked in my driveway on Christmas morning would just be an affirmation!)

This next gift is located just a few miles from our rental home Santa and is just 1.5 mil.
You needn't wrap it Santa- just a bow on the front door will do!

(Front View)

(The Foyer- Does this not remind you of the Titanic?)

(Wood paneled kitchen)

(Bedroom with cool stair case- I have no idea whats upstairs but I imagine a comfy reading room with a view of the pool....)

(or maybe a closet that looks like this and comes with all those shoes!!!)

(Did I mention the pool- I would convert the bath house to a cottage for ma mere of course!)
(I would spend everyday of the summer here)

Then when its too cold for my pool you could book me a vacation here Santa:

(Monte Carlo - yes please!)

(While your at it Santa just make it so I can be a trophy wife so that I have time away to fully appreciate all my gifts - I think Boo would appreciate this!)

(A Blank check to help me pull off my big fat pink wedding would also not go unappreciated!)

But really Santa I know we are in a recession and all so I am including a few items that may be a little more budget savvy"

(This book will keep me entertained for quite some time I'm sure)

(A gift card to a spa will revitalize me after the stressful holiday season. I know I'm not as busy as you Santa but an Activity Director's holiday season is quite jam-packed as well- caroling, cookie baking, parties...I'm just saying...)

( A bottle of this would suit me just fine)

And last but certainly not least Santa gift cards to Macys & items from our registry would be especially appreciated

My number one pick?

(Feather bed mattress topper)

I hope this list isn't too much to fathom Santa- I swear I've been a real good girl (barring a few boughs of crankiness and bombshell tantrums- it happens).

I'll be sure to leave you a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk - or if you prefer I'll just leave the bubblegum vodka 0ut by the tree - just be sure to put the sleigh on auto or bring an elf along as a DD!

Love & Christmas Kisses!

Miss Amber Lane

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday and Beyond

Tonight Boo and I went to Steak N Shake then went to see This Is It.

This Is It made me so happy/so sad all at the same time.

Boo and I are huge MJ fans ( so much so that our processional and recessional are going to be MJ songs - yes even before his death we decided this - it only happens to be coincidental that we will be getting married one year from the exact date of his death).

That man was such a talent and that concert would have been AMAZING - it is so sad that its never going to be seen to fruition.

This weekend there are no real plans for me. Boo has plans with friends in the afternoon tomorrow so I'm planning to enjoy some light shopping in the morning followed by a mani and then home to actually spend some time in my home by my lonesome. I can't even begin to tell you when the last time I experienced that was - so I'm definitely looking forward to a breathe and reboot.

Well gals I'm off for a back rub from my boo! Have a good weekend all!

Miss Amber Lane

(PS I'm sorry for the lack of substantial content- I feel writing everyday for Nablopomo while setting the habit for frequent blogging- is stripping me of my natural ebb and flow - I'm going to stick with it but don't expect posts everyday like clock work come December!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Can suck it right now for all I care.

I'm cranky and tired and so thankful its Thursday because I'm at the end of what I can muster in a week.

My meeting went well - by the way- so that's not why I'm cranky - sometimes I just am.

I'll be chipper again soon- I swear.

For now- Flash forward and night night.

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roses and Thorns: Work Edition

Roses and Thorns in the Work Place:


Veterans day in retirement community = spending extra time and attention on some very sweet, very proud world war 2 vets

Lunch out with said vets was so much fun and such a success

Danced with very cute residents this evening to some old patriotic tunes

Got reminded today why I love the 110 + residents I work for and was lit up like a Christmas tree with joy in stewardship.


Slipped in water spilled by a resident whilst flower arranging. Bruised my pride- twisted my knee - it hurt ll day - and still does now.

My decisions in regards to vet care for our house cats was brutally rebuffed and I was made to feel like a useless schlub by my boss even though I was well planned, meticulous, and clearly communicating my intentions.

Got into an email altrication with a co-worker after cc- ing my boss on an email I sent him requesting a meeting over a daily activity that we are jointly failing in. I received an email back from him today not to set up a meeting or discuss anything- but instead for him to tell me that I need to stop blaming him for not being able to do my job well - and he cc d that to my boss. How in the world is that appropriate?

His email succeeded in achieving its sole purpose- to make the young blonde activity director cry in her car on the way home.

This co-worker, myself, and my boss are having a meeting over this tomorrow. Not to "pass blame" my boss says - but to solve the problem. Yeah right.
I want the problem fixed and I don't want him to re-nig on covering my Thanksgiving weekend off but I'm not going to back down on this- I may have cried into my steering wheel tonight but I'm still super pissed and believe that I am right. How dare he chastise me - he has no business condescending me and I' m not going to take it lying down.


So this day has equally been rays of sunshine and shit.

And I'm exhausted. So I'm going to watch The Ugly Truth and go to bed.

And that's all she wrote.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Want ...

Most of you are probably already pretty familiar with Tia at Clever Girl Goes Blog - I personally love her witty, sarcastic outlook on life and look past her cougarish tendencies for Robert Pattinson- ( ;.

This evening I'm taking ques from her latest post and sharing some of my wants in life. Some are huge and some are silly but I'm in a mood tonight- sleepy, frazzled, and in need of some TLC so a non-structured post seems to be just what the doctor ordered. So without further delay....

I want an evening in my home without my significant other. I want my sig. oth. to find a job and make the money that he's worth. I want the luxury of being a stay-at-home wife/later mother and I also want the luxury to decide to continue working.

I think I want to be a mother someday but I don't want to be the "surrogate" mother for the grown ass man that I'm about to marry.

I want root-free blonde hair all the time- and somebody elses money to pay for it with. Matter of fact I want blemish free skin, nails that don't need fill-ins and skin that is effortlessly and perpetually tan.

I want a bathtub that is deep enough that I instantly sink down to my shoulders without displacing half the water ( as is the case in our teeny little tub). I want a walk in closet, and a finished basement and a chandalier somewhere- even if its in the closet. I want to be a home owner.

I want to be the kind of girl who has monthly get-togethers with girlfriends over cocktails and canapes. I want to be a more fabulous version of Martha Stewart, and a rockstar, and a centerfold, and a professional, and a wife, and a mother.

I want to be looked up to, and admired, and envied, and I want to be left alone.

I want to live comfortably, I want to be rich, I want to stay humble.

I want to be the girl whose day can't start with out coffee in cute little thermoses, who packs sushi for lunch, and who doesn't eat meat for weeks at a time. I want a house that constantly smells like clean laundry and sugary baked goods. I want to never gain an ounce and always look my best in pictures and in person.

I want enough sleep so that I always feel rested and to wake up early enough that I get a day's worth of living done before my work day even begins.

I want to be in control, have things under control, and sometimes get a little out of control.

I want to stay young forever and to age gracefully. I want to not be afraid of gaining lines on my face, and a catch in my hip, and all things that come with adding extra numbers on to my life.

I want friends, I want family, I want love, I want passion, I want peace, I want freedom, I want perfection, I want everything.

I want to go to sleep.

And that my friends is probably the only want that will be fulfilled tonight.

So with that I wish you sweet dreams.

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

Early Morning Picture Post

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found two different emails, from two different family members loaded with pictures! So before I actually buckle down and start working I thought I would share them with you!

The first email was from my sister Diana and featured this little gem:

(Calving Halloween 2009)
My 12 year old nephew Calvin in his Halloween costume. I'm not sure who he was: they've told me a couple of times but I'm not too savvy with the 80s hair bands - and I'm not too sure why he is either but none the less.

Also included (FINALLY) were pictures she took of my birthday dinner... back in August. I am officially jealous of myself in these pictures. I had just had my hair done and I was sun kissed golden tan.

(My sister Niesie (Denise) and Moi)

(Just little moi)

(From Left: Moi, Sister Diana, Ma Mere, and Sister Denise)

(Di- posing and looking tan- and mighty svelt might I add!)
The next email was from Ma Mere and only included a few pics from Megan and Kenny's wedding: (I know, I know I haven't even posted mine yet)

(The happy couple)


(Becky, Moi, Kim, and Megan at the head table)
(Uhmmm that dress did nothing to decrease the appearance of my tots)
) :
So there you have it.
Today should be a good day. Last night I stayed until 6:30 so tonight I'm planning to stay no longer than 5pm.
In two little bits of other news:
a: Bunny Tales is proving to be a VERY quick read I read about 150 pages of it last night. I was right about not liking the author- she hated Bridget (and never says why) and she's my fave- I mean if you ever want to know what my personality would be like if you actually met me- watch Bridget Marquardt (with a pinch of a little extra bad-assness - I can't be sugar all the time). So if I knew this girl Izabella St. James - I am sure we would not like each other. The book however is quite interesting.
b: I'm planning to enter a contest that our local radio station is hosting for a chance to have a cameo in the radio city christmas show when it comes to town. To enter I will have to call their number and leave a message of me singing a christmas carol in "obnoxious broadway fashion". I'm a good singer so I don't know about the obnoxious part but I could probably wow em' a little bit- if not to win- than to at least hear my recording in a clip on the radio.
My question for you gals is:
Let it Snow?
Santa Baby?
Whatchu think ladies?
Okie back to the real world of work and whathaveya!
Have a good day!
Much Love!
Miss Amber Lane

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Champagne Life of a Princess

Ladies I must admit; I have champagne taste. I like the top brands of cosmetics and super lux handbags crafted with buttery leather. I like the first creamy taste of godiva chocolates and the touch of skilled hands on bare feet during a relaxing pedicure.

I also like to spoil myself with little treats throughout the day (especially on Mondays) to add a little glitz to the mundane.

Today my day started with this:

And this bouquet (as a gift to myself of course):

Then at lunch, instead of eating I went over to Borders and I picked up the December Lucky and Bunny Tales a tell-all memoir by a former girlfriend of HMH (Hugh M Hefner for those not in the know). I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate the self-proclaimed, "lawyer bunny" because of the dramz between her and HBK (Holly Bridget Kendra again for those not in the know)
but I can not wait to dig into the juicy bits of the Playboy Mansion!

The lifestyle infatuates me. Now I don't want to be an 80 something year old's gf- but 1,000 a week allowance and unlimited perks for no REAL work? Sold!

These small, but decadant little treats helped me to make it through another Monday as a working gal and I gotta admit; made my day just a little bit sweeter.

Alas, tomorrow there will be no treats for me- this lady has spent way too much money over the weekend and today so tomorrow this glitzy carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

This post reminds me so much of a book that I have read over and over again.

Its light and fluffy and "only meant for novelty" (or so my down to earth mother has said) but if you haven't read it yet,consider it recommended to you now:

"Francesca Castagnoli proves that the concept of being a princess is actually all about power, poise and self confidence and she argues that women need to take care of themselves to feel their best" - Amazon Review

Seriously girls- check this book out and get your highliter ready for the "Profashional" chapter. No working gal should set foot in her office without heeding the "sage" advice of this chapter!

Its all in good fun and I love it!

Well for now its off to watch last night's Dexter with the prince in my life.

I close this post by asking all of you: What little things do you do to treat yourself and to make you feel a little bit more like a princess during a regular old boring week?

The (ballroom) floor is yours....

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

Sunday, November 8, 2009

End of Week/ Weekend

So first of all I have to give a big a big shout- out and thank you to Katy (and Clay) at Tripping Down The Aisle for the Halloween treats she sent me this past week!

I won a giveaway on her blog back in the spring and the lady got busy so there was a delay in shipment. Imagine my surprise when I got home Thursday and I had these yummy Halloween treats waiting for me!

She sent me her favorites and believe me: they're my favorites too! Reese Cups and Hershey Bars? Yes please!

Excuse my terrible hair and all day work face. I was not even trying to look cute after my long work day!

Speaking of work I wanted to share with you one of the best parts of my job:

Meet Sylvester: He's a two year old long hair black and white kitty cat who lives in my office.
He's my community's first floor cat (we have another on the second floor named Simon). His food, water, and potty are in my office and I'm the one who nursed him healthy when he got to our community as a baby with a cold - so he's pretty much mine- and I love him!

He likes to sit on my desk right in front of the key board when he needs some extra lovins'.

He helps keep the stress levels down. I mean whats not awesome about petting a lovely kitty during a heinous work day?

Friday, as I mentioned before Ma Mere came for dinner on Friday night and I did end up fixing steaks. They, and the rest of the dinner turned out well. Mom came bearing gifts: two new shirts and some girly memo notes and stayed a few hours to eat and hang out a little bit.

Saturday I got up early and hit the thrift store. I didn't find what I was looking for- but I did find 6 gently used sweaters for $17.00! I'm not proud- I LOVE thrifting!

I then hit TJ Maxx (nothing) and like every store in the mall (1 shirt from Ann Taylor) and had lunch with Boo before returning home to do some cleaning and get ready for a Pure Romance Party at my friend Ashley's house.

I spent way too much money at the party and drank too many bubblegum vodka cocktails and jell-o shots but I feel pretty good today so it all works out.

Below are the pictures I took after the Pure Romance party was over and our sig. others joined us for Apples to Apples and Rock Band. It was a blast.

(Me at the party - I need my roots done BAD!!!)

(Megan- love her new post-wedding hair)

(Ashley- the party host with her eyes wide open- because her eyes are always closed in pictures!)

(Boo and Me)

(Two things come to mind when I look at this picture: boobies and buzzed: both me)

(Just Us Gals)

(The Newly Weds)

(The Soonly Weds(ROOTS!!! UGH!))

(And Finally Megan and Me With Ashley's Husband Seth)

Today Boo and I slept in (well 10 am is sleeping in isn't it?). Then we parted ways to run our Sunday errands: he to Little Ceasar for cheap game day pizza. Me to fill up my car's gas tank, Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha (<3>