Saturday, September 12, 2009

Check it Out

I have been working on a post for a week or better about the rearranging of our house. It posted in a wierd place and I wanted to be sure ya'll saw it so if you haven't be sure to check it out here!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Things

Happy Friday everyone! I'm trying not to think about the fact that my 6 days off have officially shrunk to just two more (that's just a regular weekend long!) so I decided to blog about some of my favorite things in the syle of Memphis Mama!

Argyle Socks
I hate to wear socks in general, I prefer to be bare foot and happy. Unfortunately colder weather means covering up the tootsies and I prefer my tootsies to be housed in super soft knee high argyles!

Bride-y Things
For just another 9 months I get to be "the bride" and I plan to rock as many bride-y things as I can until that time! I especially love the lounge wear and panties!

Yankee Candles

If you read this blog you know I love me some Yankee candles...the only ones I really try not to buy are the ones that smell like food- cause they make me hungry! I just picked up two new candles this week and a few accessories mof!

French Manicured Toes

I think nothing says "polished" more than well done finger and toe nails. I love to have my toes french manicured.

I would be lost without mine. I am old school and though I have all the high tech scheduling toys I prefer good old pen on paper!

Dior Skin Care
It makes me feel fancy and I love the fresh clean smell!

This Dior tinted moisturizer is my favorite! Its $40.00 but a little goes a long way. I've had the same tube since early April!

Ok well Boo and our house guests are anxiously awaiting me to get off the computer so we can go to dinner- I'll blog all about Rachel's visit soon! In the mean time ... I gotta run!

Ciao Bellas!

Miss Amber Lane

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Oh and one more thing....

Inner Workings of a Real- Life Barbie Doll is having a giveaway of favorite fall things.

I don't know about you guys but other than buttery leather high heeled boots my favorite fall thing is definitely the scents at Yankee Candle Co.

These two are my personal faves:

But you really can't go wrong with any of them. On a chilly fall evening the best thing really is s warm blanket and a yummy scented Yankee candles.

Fo Sho.

I'm not sure what the actual give away will be stop by Inner Workings and check it out ... girlfriends got a cute blog over there!


Miss Amber Lane

Damn it feels good....

To be off work and have another 4 whole days before I have to trudge back again!

Since Tuesday morning Boo and I have gotten SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED!!!

First of all we had our wedding cake tasting: That was AMAZING!!! I mean nothing could have prepared me for the deliciousness that is endless combinations of wedding cakes/fillings at 10 in the am. It truly was the breakfast of champions! The verdict?

(Our Chosen Cake Design)

This is the design we have chosen for our cake. The stems and leaves are fondant but the rose buds will be fresh flowers. Ben and I saw this cake and both LOVED it! And the flavors?
For the bottom layer we chose chocolate cake with strawberry jam and bevarian cream filling. The middle layer will be white cake with chocolate mousse and the top will be marble cake with fudge (the baker said fudge will keep better for a year in the fridge....besides who am I to argue with fudge?).

After our cake tasting we visited my salon for a blow-out/style for me and a haircut/beard trim for Ben and it was off to our engagement photo shoot. The session was about an hour long and it threatened to rain the entire time but it held off and the sun was peaking out just enough to get all the shots we needed. I thought ahead though and brought a big red umbrella just in case. We didn't actually need it but the photographer liked the idea of the umbrella and we used it in a few shots anyway, I'm excited to see how they turned out! I got to see just one and it looked soooo cute so I am anxiously awaiting the disk to fall into my hands!

(Engagement Picture Outfit- Simple & Timeless)

(Makeup Shot Before Pictures - Lightened The Lips Before Though)

After the craziness of the day Boo and I came home and pajamified then I got to work rearranging furniture in our upstairs. I wrote a post about a week ago about how I wanted to change our house around and why but I wanted pictures before I actually posted it. I took some pictures yesterday/today so stay tuned for that post to come soon! So we rearranged, ate pizza, watched TV and went to bed around midnight thirty.

(Me In Pjs After Our Pictures. Yep, Those Are Pig Tails I'm Sprotin')

This morning was the meeting with the florist ( soooo excited about our nervous that when we get the proposal we are going to be WAY over budget) and then it was back home for more reorganizing.

Now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss Rachel Ann one of my bestest besties and her fiance to arrive from Louisiana (by way of a stop in Columbus first)!

So with that said: I hope everyone is having a great work week - can't say I'm missing work this week myself- but hang in there everyone Saturday will be here soon!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane