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Show Us Your Life: Wedding Party & Flower/ Ceremony

This week at Kelly's Korner is all about showing the rest of the wedding (except the reception). Since Boo and I are deep in planning mode; I am armed with lots of photos and ideas to share with all you ladies!

(Note: I tried to post a playlist in the middle of this post and the html is wrong so its just a bunch of tags- please ignore it until I can get home and fix it on a good computer- my work computer won't let me remove it!)


First off: Our wedding date is June 25, 2010. Our ceremony and reception will be taking place at The Oasis Golf & Conference Center in Loveland, Ohio.

This first picture is of a recent wedding that our coordinator took a picture of and made accessible to us.

This next picture is a publicity shot used for advertising. While I think its a beautiful picture and showcases the venue- the first picture is much closer to my personal taste.

As it stands right now we have decided that on many things about our ceremony but will eventually need to work out all the details.

What we know for sure:

Ben and I will not be seeing each other prior to the ceremony for pictures
My brother-in-law will be performing the ceremony
Our processional will be to the tune if Michael Jackson's Speechless
My Mom will be escorting me down the aisle to the traditional Wedding March
We will be keeping the unity candle tradition
The song we want played during the lighting is the first half "You and I" as sung by Michael Buble'

Wedding Party & Attire

This next section is a bit out of order and for some reason my stupid work computer won't let me edit it without completely messing up everything so bear with me here.

I have 5 Bridesmaids and 2 Matrons of Honor. My sisters are my Matrons of Honor and they are 19+ years older than my 5 friends so I decided to choose two different dress styles to compliment both age groups.

The first dress is the MOH dress.

The back is the best part!

The actual color is called lipstick and is a sunny, hot pink color.

Here is a picture of beautiful sisters and my Mommy:

Diana is on the top right and Denise on the bottom.

This is the front of the dress "in the lipstick" color but thats really not the true color its much perkier than that.

The next dress is for my bridesmaids- the color is called bubble gum (yes I am doing two different colors of pink and I promise its going to look FABULOUS). Again this isn't the true color but its closer than the lipstick.

Now all along I've been planning to have just my sisters in the long dress and just my maids in the tea length dress but lately I've been regressing and thinking I may put a couple of the maids in the long one as well to make things more even. Opinions would me MUCH appreciated here.

Of course I want to take this opportunity to show off my girls as well so in no particular order: My Bridesmaids!

Best friend since 1st grade- getting married herself in October! We met when she slapped me on the playground because she wanted the peice of playground equiptment I was playing on.

Rachel (AKA Shawdee) Best Friend since I changed high schools my junior year. We've been known for wearing blingin' shoes, searching for Harolds, and ruining fantasies among other things


Best Friends since college. We drink a lot of wine, watch True Blood on Sundays, and live the glam life together.

Best Friend since college. Our fave memories include Children's Theater travels to Russia, Taiwan, and Finland where we drank until our 5am flight home and ran around frozen Helsinki in early March with only tshirts, jeans, and ear muffs on.

Jennifer Marie

Best Friends since middle school. Favorite memory? Definitely all the trouble we got into when we were 16! We've had a tumultuous friendship but like a good blogger friend of mine Nelle says: "Without the bitter, the sweet aint as sweet"

Makayla (and Aiden)

My flower girl and ring bearer- both Jennifer's kids. They're cuter than crap- I think their going to work out great!

Speaking of Makayla did I mention I'm not planning to have a traditional flower girl dress?
I found a cute tutu maker on etsy and am planning on custom ordering her a tutu dress.

Seriously how cute is this little dress? I'm also hoping that after she wears it in the wedding she'll wear it for dress up or maybe Halloween to be a little fairy - after all what good is a beautiful little princess dress that the little girl wears once then outgrows? See, cute and practical!

Here are some ideas for flowers that I like for me:

And my girls:

I Don't like gerber daisies but I love the contrast of the green leaves against the pink dresses. Pinks with a hint of green is what I will really be looking for when I sit down with the florist (hopefully) next week.

I know that I will want flower arrangements at the ceremony but as of yet have no idea what.
What I do know is that I want the aisle to look like a rose garden exploded on it like so:
I'm thinking I'll have a dark shade of pink laid down on the aisle prior to the start of the ceremony and when Makayla comes down I'll have her drop a lighter shade of pink for contrast.
The last things I know for sure about the ceremony is that we're gong to DIY fan programs modled after something like so:

And that we're going to do our big "get-a-way" from the ceremony not from the reception and have our guests toss/blow a mixture of flower petals and bubbles.....
But then again sparklers at the end of the night would be pretty cool too.......
As you can see we still have a ways to go before all the details are settled. It helps to use this blog as an idea board and was pretty fun (though lengthy) to put together.
I hope you enjoyed- and I can't wait until I can FINALLY post pictures of the real thing in 11 months (ughhhh still so far away!!!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Friday!
Miss Amber Lane

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