Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Recap

1. Woke up at dawn with Bennyboo's alarm clock blaring - why? I have no idea.
2. Showered, prettied, called Ma Mere to discuss tomorrow's plans, trudged to my place of employment
3. Easter Egg Hunt = Success
4. Met Boo at Barnes & Nobles, bought two magazines: Caribbean Travel+Life (Honeymoon research) and Playboy (Life and sex research)
5. Visited Kenwood Town Center. Went to Sephora, Dillard's, Macy's, Forever 21, and bought... NOTHING- That's will power kids- of course I would rather save my loot for Shawdee's visit two weeks from now!
6. Dinner at Applebees- I had fajitas!
7. Visit at Megan and Kenny's to see their new doggy: Simon
8. Stayed for 2.5 hours chatting life, weddings, and babies ... Meg's getting married in October - a mere 8 months before Boo and I.
9.Came home, jammied, blogged

Tomorrow- church with the family- if I can get up and make it in time (its a good 30 minute drive) then lunch with the family and maybe shopping avec ma mere if stores are open.

Then -gasp- its Monday.... AGAIN.


But here's to Sunday anyhow!

Happy Easter !

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Liana said...

uuugh i hate getting woken up when I don't have to get up! sounds like you got a lot done though!