Monday, April 13, 2009

The Girl Has A Gown

EDIT: Hello to anyone who stumbles over from Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life! I made this post when I first found my dress back in May - the wedding is still 11 months away so I haven't had any fittings or anything and my gorgeous dress is just hanging out in my guest bedroom dreaming of our wedding day. But enjoy these pics from the day I found my dress and come back next June when we say, "I Do!"

I have finally collected all of the photos from my wedding gown shopping spree. It's been almost a month now so....

Without further adieu: my dress!

Disclaimer: Boo doesn't read my blog unless its over my shoulder when he knows I'm blogging about him so no, I'm not worried he will see it. Also, I'm not too worried anyhow - I'm not very superstitious.

Ma Mere and Ma (oldest) Soeur Denise (Niesie) pushing through the maze of wedding gowns at Bridal & Formal.

And here I am: I don't even think I liked that dress I was just trying to demonstrate what it is we were doing.

No photography allowed in the dressing room ... the next set of photos were taken after I picked my dress.

Getting all prettied up in the "dress up" room - seriously my sales rep. Sally was fab. she even did my hair similarly to how I (think) I want it for our wedding day so that I could really see how it will all come together.

Waiting for Sally to bring me some baubles.

This hat was sitting on the vanity and I thought it was adorable. Wouldn't go with my dress but if I went old school and picked a "going away" outfit- I would totally choose something that would go with this hat! (Yes you can see the undergarment- the dress isn't fitted to me yet!)

Still waiting for Sally to come bling me up. From this angle with the dress not fitted to my chest, my boobs look mammoth!

Me super cheesing - I was super excited to have that veil on (its the only time I sprang a tear- when I saw myself with the veil)

Disclaimer #2 I HATE the face I'm making in this pic- and the fact that no one is holding the dress in the right place around my waist so it looks non existent in this picture- but its one of the only one that shows the accessories in detail.

None of the jewelery that I'm wearing in these photos are the actual jewelry that I will be wearing and neither is the veil. Ma Mere is making my veil but it will be very similar to what is pictured.

This sparkly hair clip was gorgeous (the photo does it no justice) but it cost something like $250 so me thinks that I will be looking for a way to recreate for much less paper or go with what I've been saying for years and pin one amazing rose in my hair- pretty, inexpensive, and fragrant.

And now what we've all been waiting for:

Not very good coloring here but THIS IS MY DRESS!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Another angle (note to self; will be working my arms out prior to the wedding)

The train - yes it's electrical clamped closed- that's how bridal boutiques roll prior to the gown being fitted to your body. Currently the back zips with faux buttons for decoration- When I have my alterations done I'm having a corset put in.

And there my friends, you have it. The dress that I will be wearing when at long last I marry my Bennyboo. We still have such a long time to go but I can't hardly wait for the day that I'm finally dressed in that gown! Just 14 months to go.

(Ugh! It IS a long time)

Just to note: Easter was nice. Church with the fam followed by lunch then a nap on the couch.
There are no children in my family at present so I found myself really missing the magic of Easter and daydreaming for the time not too terribly far from now when I'll be a momma filling Easter baskets and hiding eggs.

So many exciting things to come! So long to wait. All in good time.

For now,

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Anxious, Sick (from candy), Relaxed


Liana said...

yyyaaay! SO gorgeous!!

Elle said...

OMG, it's gorgeous! You look gorgeous!!! I'm so happy for you!

Shasta said...

that is such a great moment when you find *the dress* Congratulations pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, it looks fantastic on you!