Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ey Babay Where'd You Get Ya Money?

I've been perusing the bloggernets and find myself bumfuzzled by something. I know this post is going to sound a smidge like I'm jealy - and mayhaps I am a smidgen- but I'm going to go out a limb and say it like I think it anyway.

Where do you people get your paper?!?!

I'm for serious.

I have been to the blogs (lovely blogs too - don't think otherwise- I love you for you are- not what you have) of ladies my age- perhaps a smidge younger or older who are ALREADY maried, ALREADY have children or are expecting children, ALREADY have homes, and are ALREADY rolling around naked in piles of cash ( o.k maybe that last bit is an exaggeration).

How is this possible?

I've been to blogs of people still in college buying half million dollar houses and stocking up on $2,000 handbags. I google some of the items you ballers purchase and almost fall out of my chair- where have I been and how do I jump on the money train?

Let me recap for you all: I am 24 years old. I have been out of college for the better part of two years after taking an extra year to finish a late added minor. During college I worked more than full time just to have the means neccessary to survive. I went into serious school loan debt, not to mention a few thousand dollars worth of Visa debt- and I'm talking to pay bills not buy myself pretties. There were times that I felt like my financial situation was hopeless and to this day don't know how I would have survived post college if Bennyboo and I hadn't decided it was time to merge.

I currently am employed by a private pay retirement community. I make the most money that I have ever made and according to WikiAnswers I am in line with the average American income and above average when Bennyboo's and my income is combined to create our household income.

Though we live comfortably in our current situation we don't live too comfortably when you factor in paying for our wedding (which we are getting very little monetary support from our parents for) saving for our first home or making any other major purchases (furniture, appliances, etc.). Not to mention all of my fabulous school debt.

I just wonder how its been done by those of you who appear to have all these wonderful things that I would enjoy to have sooner or later. Did you have immaculate credit right out of college? Did your parents support you financially until you were well settled? Are you in debt up to your eyeballs? Did you marry an heir? Did you invent the Shamwow?

I'm basically collecting information here. I'm curious to know more about where ya'll come from and how you've gotten where you are. Nothing too specific of course.

Each person's paths are different and though its not my life aspiration to be dirty rich- I certainly wouldn't turn it down.

Do any of you sometimes find yourselves feeling the way that I do?

I do hope I don't come off rude bringing up money and all - I'm just amazed by you all and want your secrets ....

And your cash flow.



Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feelying: Gritty, Entertained, Content


Shasta said...

You're probably not talking about me, but this is how it goes.... I married the husband when I was 20. He was 30. He was succesful, I had always been poor. We had a child massive medical bills that almost bankrupt us. I had her at 22. Husband worked 80+ hours a week at that time to further his business, while I stayed home raising three babies (How did I do that and not loose my mind? Especially because most of the time then, we were BROKE) he took the family business to the next level and I never had to work. Ou situation is different than most and we are so very fortunate, I know that you weren't talking about me, but my situation is not the norm. I have a very blessed life. I went back to work last year, because I was bored, not because I had to. Growing up dirt floor poor (seriously, on the Mexican/Arizona border) this life that I have now, is still so hard to comprehend. Keep your chin up, you are a smart girl, that is very blessed with love and education. Great things are out there for you and your fiance.

Elle said...

Ooo, I'm like the new blog :).

If you find the answer to this, please share the information. I'm lacking on the paper, too.

The Smith's said...

Honestly I was just having this conversation with someone b/c I cannot figure out how so many of the girls I know from high school are stay at home moms. The hubby and I both work full time and do well but b/tw bills for our 15 months old (including daycare) house note, and just the usual monthly bills I just could not imagine not working b/c we would never get to go anywhere, do anything or buy anything! Tar-jay is my new best friend b/c I never buy clothes anymore hardly unless its from there haha!

Needs Help said...

I think the same thing when reading a lot of blogs. They're cute and fun to read but fascinating for the exact same reason. I'm just trying to get out of my pile of debt :)