Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day - Hooray?

This morning as I'm driving to work every radio station in the area is announcing that today is the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day.

Great, I'm thinking as I cruise South on the highway - that means I'll have to take the long way home instead of driving through the city so that I'll be sure to miss all of the extra traffic.

I drive the rest of the way without giving the occasion an extra thought. Who cares about baseball if you can't actually go to the game?

Apparantly everyone. After I arrived at my place of employment I went to our daily morning meeting. After I called everyone's attention to an event occuring later in the week - my boss goes, "And today for opening day?"

Crickets. I planned nothing for The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day. It never even occured to me. I'm a bad activities director. After being told that we needed to make something happen we (assistant and myself) sprang to action.

Thus began the scramble for making Opening Day a success. We bought peanuts, cracker jacks, corn dogs, and nachos. Blew up red and white balloons and I wore a baseball cap - gross.

From noon until ... well the game is still on now- I've been subject to the boredom that is baseball on TV- I've dished up all the ball park favorites - and eaten way too much of them myself. I cut baseballs out of white poster board and a "Let's Go Reds" message out of red construction paper. I am officially baseballed out and its only the first day of the season.

The residents have had a good time though - and that's all that matters.

But if I see another corndog again today I am going to vomit.

Maybe more later or maybe I'll be in a corn dog induced coma.

L8ter G8ters

Miss Amber Lane

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2 comments: said...

You know, once my dear friend and I were at work (at a similar place like it sounds like you work) and we're chatting about our days and we both suddenly realize ...


Trust. I know how you feel.

Liana said...

yay for pulling it all together!! you're better on your feet than i would be! i love your layout to!!