Friday, April 10, 2009

Movie On The Cheap

Bennyboo and I were sitting on the couch late this afternoon chatting over what we should do with our Friday evening.

Its raining in the Natti and neither of us were feeling too ambitious. Not to mention that though tomorrow is one of my off days, I will still be traipsing to my place of employment to oversee an Easter egg hunt that I planned for my residents and their families. I personally think my assistant can handle it on her own - however that powers- that- be implied otherwise. Thus meaning I can't have too late of a night tonight so that I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.

I casually asked Boo if he had purchased the items for my Easter basket yet. He said no. He asked me if I bought his. I said no. To which he remarked that we might ought to just wait until after Easter and buy ou candy 75% off. I thought on this for a moment and let my mind roll over the piles of chocolate and fruity sugar- as my stomach flipped in disgust I suggested that we call off the Easter Basket ordeal and just go out for a movie tonight. And just like that Friday night plans were hatched.

I began the movie hunt and soon discovered that there are no girl-friendly movies out this week- so via Google I located our local "super saver" cinema and discovered that Confessions of a Shopaholic was scheduled to start within the hour.

I read all of the books back in the day and L-O-V-E-D them so when the movie came out I was DYING to see it- but never got to. So with a little puppy dog eye action and a pouty upper lip I had Bennyboo convinced and we were on our way to the economical Dollar Saver cinema.

We are no strangers to the movie theatre we visited for this film- though we haven't been there for quite some time. Its been in our local mall ever since it opened in the early 80s and we remember when it featured a psychodelic laser light display and a time warp tunnel down the hall to the movie. It was at the height of 80s & 90s style. We went there often as teenagers together- with groups of friends or on double, triple, quadruple dates ( I still remember swapping gum with Steven C. during a screening of Romeo and Juliette) though I do believe that this is the first time we've been there together since we've been a couple. The lobby has changed considerably since that time (sadly no more lasers and time warps) but the theatres themselves are exactly the same - and baby, they suck.

(This picture was taken of the entrance prior to the remodle in the early 2000s- that whole entrance no longer exists - the ticket booth has been torn down along with the walls and doors you now just walk right up to a sad little desk that doesn't take plastic. Sadly I can find no photos of the actual lobby)

I can't believe this theatre was ever at the height of technology. I barely remember a time without stadium seating, arm rests that lift up to create loveseats, and a concierge that takes snack orders in the theatre prior to the start of your movie. Yet there we were in a shrine to movie-going past. Crammed into an aisle with just two seats in it, shoulder to shoulder, watching a movie on a screen approximately the size of a big screen tv. I was reminded upon entering the theatre how it used to be possible to make out in movie theatres (+ whatever if your nasty) before we went to stadium seating at every theatre. The lighting was so poor I could barely see my hand in front of my face and with all the seats at the same incline, if you sit in the very back no one would ever know your there.

It was like going back in time. I kind of miss when it was simple - yet while wathing the movie I kinda missed Dolby Digital surround sound and seats that rock but whatev- we only paid 3 smackers a pop and in this financial time that's the price I'm talking about!

The movie its self? Cute! I mean you really have to disconnect yourself from the books or else you'll be dissapointed. I don't feel as though the movie follows the books at all. Yet I found Isla Fisher charming and Hugh Dancy? H-O-T! In all a fun movie- Ben hated it but I'm sure to add it to my girly movie collection - to be watched wilst alone in my girly room.

Anyhow- this post I feel is going nowhere and just a means to pass the time before night night.

Tomorrow going in to work for a few hours to facilitate an Easter egg hunt, having my nails done then who knows.

Sunday- Zombie Jesus Day ( I say that will all the love in the world Jesus but saying it gives me a tickle and you want me to laught nes pas?)


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Sleepy, Happy, Dopey ( Ok not really the last one but I had to follow my 7 dwarves theme)

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