Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Are You Such A Whiner

Not you...


While I went to church with Emily this afternoon, Ben went out and played football with the guys.

Tell me why he came home with scratches all over his face, covered in mud, sun burnt and all I can think about is wanting to jump his bones - yet am brutally rebuffed because apparently babycakes can't be physically active on the football field and then be expected to be physically active at the home front.

No, instead he dragged his tired butt to the shower and then started to pass out in the recliner before going up to bed for a nap (at 7pm) I just roused him and he whined and moaned and came back down stairs but somehow I think I better save my libido for another day.

Hmph. Sorry for the TMI but ... uhm...well ... my blog so I can say what I want homies.

Ok well for now I'm off. Weekend recap later I'm going to try to spend some quality time with my man face.


Miss Amber Lane

EDIT: Bennyboo is not amused by this post- he saw it over my shoulder- got pissed and stormed off outside to smoke a cigarette - see what I mean - whiner.

Tonight I'm Feeling: Grumpy, frustrated, Mournful (weekends over ) : )

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