Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I hate this weather- I'm home and warm but all I can think about is how snarky people at work that I've talked to have been to me because I stayed home today and how scared I am to be out in it tomorrow morning- and I will have to be out in it tomorrow morning- there's too much going on during the day, no one to cover it, and I can't deal with all the pissy attitudes from my colleagues. 

I'm hoping Ben will drive me in tomorrow.  If not- maybe my maintenance coordinator will drive me in tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to see. 

Done complaining. 


Katy said...

I don't blame you. I had Clay drive me to work and pick me up in Indianapolis and we lived 35 minutes away from there whenever it snowed to the point I wouldn't drive.

It never snows in the south... at least rarely. You should try it down here.

jlc said...

I'm with ya!!! I'm prayingg for a snow day tomorrow.

Cute blog, glad I stopped by. :)

Sarah said...

I feel your pain I don't want to go out in either but I have to as well. I will just drive super slow