Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Toesies are Frozies!!!

Well, I survived. Woke up at 6:30 in the am after dreaming that I was driving and my car hit a tail spin and nearly plunged into a frozen lake. I prettified and woke the BF who grumbled as he dressed for his day as well. I let my car warm up for 20 minutes and together we went out to scrape the inch of ice that was STILL on the windsheild even after.  Ben hopped into the driver's seat and I in the passengers and we braved the snow and ice all the way to Kentucky where Ben dropped me off and trekked on to his work. I was there for no more than 2 hours when Ben called and told me that the power had gone off at his work and that he was on his way back to get me. 

What was the point of all of this anyway? 

Well, my co-workers were pleased to see me- and they too were leaving early to beat rush hour in this mess so completely understood that I was leaving. So at least wins me brownie points in their eyes and one even said: "we understood why you called off the first day because you didn't have a ride- and you worked it out for today which proves that you aren't just trying to take snow days"


Was that really an issue? I didn't know I had to prove myself- but whatever. At quarter til' 1pm Ben and I were back on the road and headed for home. We had no incidences with the weather, until Ben was convinced that he could make it up the driveway- which of course he couldn't- so we spent the first 20 minutes after we got home attempting to get the car un-stuck from the its place half way in the drive way and half way in the street. We finally did and parked it on the street- but not before my poor toe toes got completely soaked and are now FREEZING!

(Miss Amber Lane : Just your everyday snow bunny!)

Now, the worst of the storm is over and The Nati' can finally start digging its way out of this mess. Hopefully this is the worst that we will see all winter- hopefully we will be so lucky. 

Well, Ben is snuggled on the couch watching jumper and I'm on my way to join him. 

Stay warm all and be safe!

Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Relieved, Content, and COLD!

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Liana said...

hey girl! you look so cute in your pink coat, sorry youre so cold!!

you letter is A can't wait to see what you come up with :)