Monday, January 26, 2009

King Slob and His Minions

So not that this is news really but my bf is a complete and utter lazy slob. I don't mean in his job or in his personal care but in his responsibilities around the house of which he takes none. 

Now, I don't mind keeping up with certain aspects of the housework because I have a more discerning eye for dirt, pet hair, organization, etc. However, I am SICK of picking up after him! 

Dirty glasses on the computer desk, dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, facial hair in the sink, candy wrappers....are you f*ing kidding me? And mail....oh my god mail. He brings his mail in-lays it on the table and leaves it. Bills that he paid online from months ago cluttering up the shelves by the door, shoes everywhere-not to mention that he tracks mud, snow, and water in everytime that he comes in the door (which is often because he goes out to smoke). Oh! When he comes back in from smoking and he happens to have finished his pack does he throw it in the garbage? No, it lands on whatever surface it falls until I pick it up and discover that its empty and throw it away myself. Its terrible.

We've lived together since 2006- so no, none of this is new its just that I'm off today and I've been cleaning ever since I got out of bed. Catching up on dishes, mopping the kitchen floor (and by mopping I mean on hands and knees scrubbing because I just threw our grungy mop away---do you think he would ever do that?) and I'm on my way upstairs to clean the bathroom, change our bedroom sheets, compile all of his dirty clothes (that are all over the floor mind you- not in hampers that yes- we do have) and dust and vacuum and all of the above. Oh- he did finally put together the book shelf for the upstairs hall- he also left the box lying in the guest bedroom doorway, and all the random scraps ON THE HALLWAY FLOOR!
I will spend my whole off day not just cleaning but also cleaning up after him like I'm his mother- where as he spent his consectuive off DAYS playing World of Warcraft....I'm sick of it...grow up!

The best part is- because somehow we've accumulated so many cats that they HELP him make messes. They 2 little ones drag things out of God-knows-where and play with them to the point of destruction (case in point: styrofoam before mentioned bookcase was packed in) and I just can't keep up with it! I love those cats but I've threatened him that we're going to have to get rid of them he can't help clean up after them-including their litter boxes...which they are very finnicky about and if they aren't promplty emptied we run the risk of kitty pee pee in unfortunate places and I'm not even about that!

I know this is just one giant vent but I don't even know what to do. I don't like clutter, I don't like messes. My goal is to have a home where anyone can pop over at any time and we (or I since he doesn't seem to care) won't be embarrassed by the state of our home. Is that asking too much? I don't think so.

All rants aside-I'm glad to be off to today and glad to have a sink completely void of dishes (we live in a 1930's townhouse with no dishwasher...its terrible) and a home that currently smells like soap bubbles and yankee candles...God knows it doesn't last when stinky feet comes home and takes off his work boots. I should probably stop picking on Ben for awhile huh? I do love him but if there was one thing I could change about it him- this would be it.

Apparantly we're expecting some icky winter weather in the next couple of days. I'm hoping that if the roads get bad that I'm stuck here at home as opposed to at work. That's one major bummer about working for a 24-7 healthcare community- if the weather is bad they'll let you sleep there but you bet your ass their going to put you to work as late and as early in the mornings as possible in place of the people who call off--even if its not your job. Anyhow, I'm off to finish up cleaning the kitchen then I'll probably do a little more cleaning before running to the mall to find something to wear for my bro-in-law's party on Friday, pick up some lunch and go tanning. 


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