Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"A" is for Miss Amber Lane's Loves

Liana @ Weight For Me has assigned me the letter "A". You post ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. I'm not going to tag anyone directly except for Rachel Goes To I know she is the only one who for sure reads me with any regularity...if there are others of you- make yourself known...comment and I'll assign you a letter!

Oh and PS this was A LOT harder than it sounds!

Hokay! So Without further adieu: The Letter "A" by Miss Amber Lane.


My favorite vegetable. I prefer it steamed with light butter and topped with rosemary, basil and, roasted almonds....but I've also been known to nuke it out of the can...Ben hates it that way though so mostly I make it so that it crunches.

Art By: Olivia and Jack Vettriano

What can I say? I like my artwork vintage inspired and sexy.

Jack Vettriano's work intrigues me- all of his pieces seem to me like they drop you right into the middle of some enchanting saga:

This piece is called The Waltzers... the feeling that this piece evokes is what I hope my wedding is like someday- well a combination of this and the season 5 finale of Sex and The City: I Love a Charade. Simple, yet elegant, Enchanting, starlit, fragrant, and magical.

What's going on here I wonder?

This is how I relax after a long day- well minus the cigarette.

Again...what do you think is happening? I can make up a story to go along with each scene. What I also like is that even though in each painting the woman is wearing a skirt..I somehow feel like she's still wearing the pants.


Ok I cheated here a little. What I really wanted to say is Valentines Day. I'm sure in some language it is Dia De Amor or something like that. I love Valentines Day. I'm not the kinda girl who's tissue box Valentine card holder was empty in elementary school or who didn't get a candy gram in high school. Valentine's Day was (in my own blonde little head) the day for all of my admirers to come forth and declare their adoration for me- and that still hasn't changed. I expect nothing less than flowers, phone calls, chocolate, sex, cards, balloons, pink clothing, confetti, and jewlery and you shouldn't either!

Amazing Grace by philosophy
The scent is quite simple really- sweet and soapy but I love it- its a soft, pretty smell- its like the equivalent of just bathed baby smell for big girls.

Christina Aguilera

The girl is a chamelion. First she was a teeny bopper, then she was latina (I mean she's always latina but she did a spanish album). In the early 00's she was Dirrrty, and mosty recently she was modern day pin-up girl USO singer ( are you catching my pin-up trend here?). I love her style, I love her music and she always keeps me waiting with baited breath for what's coming next.


I've already expressed my love for Aveda here on this blog. I love the smell, I love the feel. To me it's an affordable luxury.

It's an obvious A but I love apples. Especially Golden Delicious. I also love apple juice and apple scented candles in the fall.

Ann Taylor Loft

Chic, Contemporary, Affordable. I love it.

The movie is super cute although for the most part not historically accurate. This movie began my love for Russian history and it only flourished through my visits to St. Petersburg, My stroll through Palace Square, and my visit to The Winter Palace (Hermitage). I can't get enough of historical fiction about the Last Romonovs and the History of Russia during revolution. It's haunting. I also took two semmesters of Russian in college. I can say very little these days- but I pretend.

Amos Lee

I first discovered Amos Lee as the opener for a Norah Jones concert- I now love Amos more than Norah if that's at all possible.

There was probably any easier/better way to do this but here have a listen:

Get a playlist!
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Loooooooooooooove Him.

And there you have it. Remember if you want to be tagged (assuming any one out there is a regular reader yet...I'm luring you in little-by-little I know it!) comment on this and I'll hook you up with a letter.

For Now...I'm Sianora!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Sleepy, Accomplished, Comfy (My toesies thawed!)


Liana said...

oh my gosh i totally love amos lee to!!! i didnt know anybody else knew who he was :) loved your 10

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Okay, so what is my letter?