Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh (s)no(w)!!!!

A shot of cars parading down a snow-covered highway in Cincinnati.

Well overnight the snow did fall and made the roads a mess and the snow is going to keep on falling clear through tomorrow with a little break to sleet and ice.

Just like I knew she would, my assistant called off because she lives on back country roads in Kentucky. I watched the traffic reports and polled some people who braved the roads and the consensus is: stay home. Especially since I'm a non-confident winter weather driver.

I was in an accident two years ago in inclement weather; I hit a patch of black ice, spun sideways on the highway, hit an embankment, and flipped over. It was terrifying,traumatizing, and terrible. I climbed out through the back windsheild that had been shattered, virtually unscathed. A Scratch on the writst was all that was visible. However the emotional scars have been far worse. Everytime the weather turns bad, rains, sleet, snow whatever. I just want to cower at home. My lack of confidence makes me an even worse bad weather driver. 

So I called my work and made some arrangements for the activities today: rescheduled Dr. visits that activities provides transportation to, cancelled resident council, attempted to find coverage for morning activities but was brutally rebuffed (more on that in a moment) and let the staff know that I wasn't going to come in unless traffic conditions improved marginally. My Executive Director is out all week so I called her cell phone to keep her in the loop. I feel like all bases are covered. And they are. 


In true catty, co-worker fashion, one coordinator had to go and make me feel like I am shirking my responsibilities. I called a colleague of mine to attempt coverage for an activity she started by telling me that all coordinators who were present were working as front line staff due to call offs and that she wouldn't, and nor would anyone else be able to conduct activities.  She then continued to tell me that the roads aren't that bad (she only lives 15 minutes from work) and that other coordinators who live further away (but still not as far away as me) made it in just fine. Commence guilt trip and self questioning: Am I doing the wrong thing? Am I being a baby? 

I mean all roads are still snow covered, snow is still coming down, cars are off-roading all over the place and I'm ALREADY not a confident snow driver.... that to me sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not only that but around 5pm when the roads are once again cluttered with rush hour drivers we are expecting ice on top of the snow. So not only would I have a trecherous drive in- but also a trecherous drive home! Not a short drive either mind you- a 35 mile drive! No thanks. 

So maybe I'm being selfish, but I would rather not die- even if it means my beloved residents miss one day of excercise and trivia and my co-workers who braved the tundra are pissed at me. They'll get over it. 

So today is another day off! I'm home bound so I suppose I'll make the best of it. 

If anyone else is experiencing this winter wonderland- I hope your enjoying it from the comfort of your home- if you braved the slippery roads: Your a better person than me! 


Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Guilty (for no  reason) Relaxed, Comfy

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