Monday, January 26, 2009

The Rest of Today

After I posted earlier today, I actually didn't really do much more cleaning. I got dressed and off I went to do some shopping. I picked up a Keepsake Wedding Planner for Meggie who, up until now has been the blind-leading-the-blind. I also went to Target to browse the clothes but the Target closest to me never has the cute things the Target by my work has so I didn't get anything exceot a big pack of socks and a two pack of really cute knee highs.

You can see my cat, Izzy begging for attention in the background and Ben's legs in their purest lounging form. After Target I hopped over to the mall to visit the Forever 21 for an outfit to wear to the bro-in-laws 40th b-day shindig on Friday but there was nothing special, nor at The Limited. However, Ann Taylor loft had lots of cute tops on their clearance racks marked down at an additional 40% so I got 4 -count em' 4 really pretty tops for ..... $27.00. I'll be sure to post photos of me as I wear them to deomonstrate just how cute they are for such a minimal cost.  When I brought my bag full of goodies home- Rennie showed me that she approved by jumping in the bag and curling up for a nap.

Rennie <3's>

I also went tanning and used a new tingler lotion that worked really well- I'm glowing. I bought just the sample when I went in but am planning to buy it full size next time since I liked it so well. 

Meggie came over and I gave her the planner and made her, Ben, and myself dinner while we chewed over wedding crisis (how do you spell the plural of crisi anyway?).

Now I'm left to stress over the impending snow storm and the dilemmas it is sure to cause me on my 45 minute commute to work tomorrow. I've pretty much already decided if its bad, traffic is bad, and I'm not comfortable driving..I'm staying home. I've come to learn that though some people may try to make me feel that way- my place of employment isn't going to implode if I'm not there. So I'll just have to play it by ear. 

Well, I'm off again. Stay warm, be safe. Goodnight!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Anxious (about snow and road conditions) happy (about shopping) and getting a bit sleepy

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