Saturday, November 14, 2009

Santa Baby

Forget the sable under the tree

Here's the lust list 2009 - for me!

(Disclaimer: This list is completely in Amber Lane's day-dreaming blonde little brain - the author by no means expects fruition but welcomes donations of any of the following items)

( Santa - there's pretty much nothing that I would turn down in that pretty blue box!)

(This bag isn't necessarily my favorite Louis but I would take it- and I would take Scarlett as my new bff too - do you know Mrs. Ryan Reynolds Santa? )

(Yes, a bug is my dream car. Painted just like so. It may not be the height of luxury but I showed Boo this picture as I was posting it and he said to me, "yep that's exactly what you would look like if you were a car" so you see Santa- this car parked in my driveway on Christmas morning would just be an affirmation!)

This next gift is located just a few miles from our rental home Santa and is just 1.5 mil.
You needn't wrap it Santa- just a bow on the front door will do!

(Front View)

(The Foyer- Does this not remind you of the Titanic?)

(Wood paneled kitchen)

(Bedroom with cool stair case- I have no idea whats upstairs but I imagine a comfy reading room with a view of the pool....)

(or maybe a closet that looks like this and comes with all those shoes!!!)

(Did I mention the pool- I would convert the bath house to a cottage for ma mere of course!)
(I would spend everyday of the summer here)

Then when its too cold for my pool you could book me a vacation here Santa:

(Monte Carlo - yes please!)

(While your at it Santa just make it so I can be a trophy wife so that I have time away to fully appreciate all my gifts - I think Boo would appreciate this!)

(A Blank check to help me pull off my big fat pink wedding would also not go unappreciated!)

But really Santa I know we are in a recession and all so I am including a few items that may be a little more budget savvy"

(This book will keep me entertained for quite some time I'm sure)

(A gift card to a spa will revitalize me after the stressful holiday season. I know I'm not as busy as you Santa but an Activity Director's holiday season is quite jam-packed as well- caroling, cookie baking, parties...I'm just saying...)

( A bottle of this would suit me just fine)

And last but certainly not least Santa gift cards to Macys & items from our registry would be especially appreciated

My number one pick?

(Feather bed mattress topper)

I hope this list isn't too much to fathom Santa- I swear I've been a real good girl (barring a few boughs of crankiness and bombshell tantrums- it happens).

I'll be sure to leave you a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk - or if you prefer I'll just leave the bubblegum vodka 0ut by the tree - just be sure to put the sleigh on auto or bring an elf along as a DD!

Love & Christmas Kisses!

Miss Amber Lane


Secretia said...

Maybe, maybe you could have made the list a bit earlier?

Liana said...

aaah a girl can dream!? maybe one at a time santa can cross these off for you ;)

Jenny.Lee said...

That house is beyond gorgeous! Hey nothing wrong with a little daydreaming right??? :)

Jax said...

Ohmygosh I SO want a feather bed mattress topper! Granted, it would have to be faux feathers b/c I'm crazy allergic, but yeah.. :)

Andee Layne said...

great finds! Love the "trophy wife":) Ive been needing a new feather top mattress! I love your blog! please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Please follow mine as I will yours! xoox