Monday, November 9, 2009

The Champagne Life of a Princess

Ladies I must admit; I have champagne taste. I like the top brands of cosmetics and super lux handbags crafted with buttery leather. I like the first creamy taste of godiva chocolates and the touch of skilled hands on bare feet during a relaxing pedicure.

I also like to spoil myself with little treats throughout the day (especially on Mondays) to add a little glitz to the mundane.

Today my day started with this:

And this bouquet (as a gift to myself of course):

Then at lunch, instead of eating I went over to Borders and I picked up the December Lucky and Bunny Tales a tell-all memoir by a former girlfriend of HMH (Hugh M Hefner for those not in the know). I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate the self-proclaimed, "lawyer bunny" because of the dramz between her and HBK (Holly Bridget Kendra again for those not in the know)
but I can not wait to dig into the juicy bits of the Playboy Mansion!

The lifestyle infatuates me. Now I don't want to be an 80 something year old's gf- but 1,000 a week allowance and unlimited perks for no REAL work? Sold!

These small, but decadant little treats helped me to make it through another Monday as a working gal and I gotta admit; made my day just a little bit sweeter.

Alas, tomorrow there will be no treats for me- this lady has spent way too much money over the weekend and today so tomorrow this glitzy carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

This post reminds me so much of a book that I have read over and over again.

Its light and fluffy and "only meant for novelty" (or so my down to earth mother has said) but if you haven't read it yet,consider it recommended to you now:

"Francesca Castagnoli proves that the concept of being a princess is actually all about power, poise and self confidence and she argues that women need to take care of themselves to feel their best" - Amazon Review

Seriously girls- check this book out and get your highliter ready for the "Profashional" chapter. No working gal should set foot in her office without heeding the "sage" advice of this chapter!

Its all in good fun and I love it!

Well for now its off to watch last night's Dexter with the prince in my life.

I close this post by asking all of you: What little things do you do to treat yourself and to make you feel a little bit more like a princess during a regular old boring week?

The (ballroom) floor is yours....

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane


Anonymous said...

Very cute, especially the flowers you sent yourself!

Liana said...

i totally loved this! i have champage taste on a beer budget ;) I agree though, you have to treat yourself to the small things to keep you motivated. I try to remind myself of this when I think twice about going to Starbuck!

Anonymous said...

I treat myself to Starbucks and I buy something I want but definitely don't need when I go shopping for necessesities! :-)

Fab Fabrics said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have to say... you have the cutest personality! I tend to spoil myself on Mondays too! This morning I ate a warm cinnamon roll topped with Almond Mocha Fudge ice cream... that's heaven right there!!

Jax said...

OOOH kinda wanna read that book! And I get myself flowers quite a bit when I'm at the store and see some pretty ones! It feels so good to spoil oneself with fun things that make you happy! You go, girl! And you may have also just made me want starbucks but that's another story.. haha! :)

Michelle said...

I feel ya girl! I was born and raised an Orange County girl and the past few years have made a big life change moving deep into the mountains. Lovin the hick life though!

I love treating myself throughout the week for my hard work. Food is always a treat although I'm really trying to change that habit! I love pedicures and shopping too! If we don't treat ourselves then it almost feels as though we are working for nothing. Right? ;) At least that's my excuse! Have a good day!