Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Early Morning Picture Post

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found two different emails, from two different family members loaded with pictures! So before I actually buckle down and start working I thought I would share them with you!

The first email was from my sister Diana and featured this little gem:

(Calving Halloween 2009)
My 12 year old nephew Calvin in his Halloween costume. I'm not sure who he was: they've told me a couple of times but I'm not too savvy with the 80s hair bands - and I'm not too sure why he is either but none the less.

Also included (FINALLY) were pictures she took of my birthday dinner... back in August. I am officially jealous of myself in these pictures. I had just had my hair done and I was sun kissed golden tan.

(My sister Niesie (Denise) and Moi)

(Just little moi)

(From Left: Moi, Sister Diana, Ma Mere, and Sister Denise)

(Di- posing and looking tan- and mighty svelt might I add!)
The next email was from Ma Mere and only included a few pics from Megan and Kenny's wedding: (I know, I know I haven't even posted mine yet)

(The happy couple)


(Becky, Moi, Kim, and Megan at the head table)
(Uhmmm that dress did nothing to decrease the appearance of my tots)
) :
So there you have it.
Today should be a good day. Last night I stayed until 6:30 so tonight I'm planning to stay no longer than 5pm.
In two little bits of other news:
a: Bunny Tales is proving to be a VERY quick read I read about 150 pages of it last night. I was right about not liking the author- she hated Bridget (and never says why) and she's my fave- I mean if you ever want to know what my personality would be like if you actually met me- watch Bridget Marquardt (with a pinch of a little extra bad-assness - I can't be sugar all the time). So if I knew this girl Izabella St. James - I am sure we would not like each other. The book however is quite interesting.
b: I'm planning to enter a contest that our local radio station is hosting for a chance to have a cameo in the radio city christmas show when it comes to town. To enter I will have to call their number and leave a message of me singing a christmas carol in "obnoxious broadway fashion". I'm a good singer so I don't know about the obnoxious part but I could probably wow em' a little bit- if not to win- than to at least hear my recording in a clip on the radio.
My question for you gals is:
Let it Snow?
Santa Baby?
Whatchu think ladies?
Okie back to the real world of work and whathaveya!
Have a good day!
Much Love!
Miss Amber Lane


Rachel Ann said...

Calvin is Angus Young, Guitarist for AC/DC.

And also, "Baby it's cold outside"? Fabulousity.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and happy happy times.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I love your orange b-day dress.

For the song selection, I'm partial to Santa Baby...

Annie said...

love the pics girly!! the orange dress looks fabulous and you look so pretty!!

i'm voting for santa baby!

Michelle said...

I love to sing too!! I vote Santa Baby! Good luck! Cute pics too!

The Un-Bride said...

I vote for Santa Baby!

Oh yeah, and I love love you in that orange dress! You should wear it for your re-do engangement shoot.