Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Want ...

Most of you are probably already pretty familiar with Tia at Clever Girl Goes Blog - I personally love her witty, sarcastic outlook on life and look past her cougarish tendencies for Robert Pattinson- ( ;.

This evening I'm taking ques from her latest post and sharing some of my wants in life. Some are huge and some are silly but I'm in a mood tonight- sleepy, frazzled, and in need of some TLC so a non-structured post seems to be just what the doctor ordered. So without further delay....

I want an evening in my home without my significant other. I want my sig. oth. to find a job and make the money that he's worth. I want the luxury of being a stay-at-home wife/later mother and I also want the luxury to decide to continue working.

I think I want to be a mother someday but I don't want to be the "surrogate" mother for the grown ass man that I'm about to marry.

I want root-free blonde hair all the time- and somebody elses money to pay for it with. Matter of fact I want blemish free skin, nails that don't need fill-ins and skin that is effortlessly and perpetually tan.

I want a bathtub that is deep enough that I instantly sink down to my shoulders without displacing half the water ( as is the case in our teeny little tub). I want a walk in closet, and a finished basement and a chandalier somewhere- even if its in the closet. I want to be a home owner.

I want to be the kind of girl who has monthly get-togethers with girlfriends over cocktails and canapes. I want to be a more fabulous version of Martha Stewart, and a rockstar, and a centerfold, and a professional, and a wife, and a mother.

I want to be looked up to, and admired, and envied, and I want to be left alone.

I want to live comfortably, I want to be rich, I want to stay humble.

I want to be the girl whose day can't start with out coffee in cute little thermoses, who packs sushi for lunch, and who doesn't eat meat for weeks at a time. I want a house that constantly smells like clean laundry and sugary baked goods. I want to never gain an ounce and always look my best in pictures and in person.

I want enough sleep so that I always feel rested and to wake up early enough that I get a day's worth of living done before my work day even begins.

I want to be in control, have things under control, and sometimes get a little out of control.

I want to stay young forever and to age gracefully. I want to not be afraid of gaining lines on my face, and a catch in my hip, and all things that come with adding extra numbers on to my life.

I want friends, I want family, I want love, I want passion, I want peace, I want freedom, I want perfection, I want everything.

I want to go to sleep.

And that my friends is probably the only want that will be fulfilled tonight.

So with that I wish you sweet dreams.

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane


The Un-Bride said...

umm, are you reading my mind?
Thanks for the sweet comments on my shoes and my b-pics!! I will post a few more when I get the c.d.

californiadreamin said...

This was such a cute idea! I loved all of your wants :D

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

What a great list! I love all your "wants"! :)

Elle said...

I loved your version of this post as much as I loved Tia's. I think you've inspired me to write my own :). And to comment on one of your "wants"...the bathtub one I can empathize with. I just want a bathtub that is so clean, I'll actually take a bath in, haha. No matter how much I scrub, I can't seem to get comfortable at the idea. Ah, the joys of renting.