Friday, March 6, 2009





You all know it started a few days ago--- well I did in fact get Mucinex which did work to clean up my congestion but just when I thought I was starting to have the thing licked it creeped back up on me last night. My face hurt, my eyes hurt, my nose was running, I was sneezing like crazy- ugh!

The Bennyboo ran to the store for some Nyquil and I floated off to dream land on a puffy white medicine cloud but woke up this morning 100 times worse!

And even worse- I'm stuck at work until AT LEAST 3pm when all I really want to do is lay my ten ton head down and sleep this thing off.

Death! Death to Ohio weather, and colds, and working with people who make you sick!


Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Sniffly, Sneezy, Headachy, Groggy, Gross... SICK

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