Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well these constant changes in weather have finally caught up with me.

What started as a little throat yuckiness has morphed into full blown congestion and a chest so filled with crap I can hardly stand it. The shit thing is that for the most part its still a very dry cough that I have and all the crap that I know is in there just sits like a rock. I can't stand it!

At the very least though- I'm not running a fever and any aches and pains I have are minor- the fatigue on the other hand- blows.

It should be interesting how this little monster plays out though. This past weekend it was just over 3o degrees- this coming Saturday say hello to 6o degree weather....I'm in for a ride.

Ah Southern're a delight.

I'm off to work- stuffy chest and all.


Miss Amber Lane


Ellegant said...

Ugh, feel better, hon. It is SO gross out there. Hate March!

Shawtee said...

Mucinex Baby. When I was sick that stuff cleared me up so fast that I wanted to find the person reponsible for putting it on the shelves so I could give him a big kiss.

The pills are big, and will make your pee smell horrible, but it's totally worth it.

Taryn said...

oh- I am sorry. I hope you feel better soon!